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The Taming of the Tease – STRICTLYENGLISH

16 Mar

M/f; time: 54 minutes; year: 2001

A prime example of Strictly English’s contribution to consentual spanking; a good film to watch with a friend at the fireplace before heading for bed, if you can get that far.

A very attractive brunette, a young Elizabeth Taylor or Audrey Hepburn-type, and a nice catch for the casting department, arrives at a guy’s house, and the love-making begins in the foyer. The twist is that here, as they kiss, the guy gets his hands into the back of the girl’s white satin panties, lest there be any confusion as to what is in store for her.

They caress up the stairs, panty shots, into the bedroom, where the action will remain.

The action need not be described in detail; there is almost no dialogue (there need not be); the guy will slowly get the girl’s clothes off until she is naked; he caresses and teases, mostly her bottom, but everywhere, and spanks her moderately in numerous undulating positions, front and back, with paddles, straps, a wisk-broom bunch of birches, and a cane.

She works at his belt and the zipper of his pants, but that is as far as we get. It is difficult to imagine, that even though this is acting, the guy could have avoided a massive erection.

After 36 minutes of exquisite video torture–spanking, fondling, frigging, she dresses and leaves, displaying mild stripes on her bottom and thighs.

The film concludes with 17 minutes of slow-motion scene repeats.

Jailed, Stripped, and Striped – MISSMARCHMONT

9 Mar

2F/2m; time: 53 minutes

Another institutional corporal punishment from ‘Miss Marchmont’; F/m films are a bit off our beaten path, except that here we pursue the complete works of ‘Miss Brown,’ aka ‘Miss Precious,’ here acting as a dominatrix for two male prisoners. We believe the actress has previously advertised herself as available for parties and such, along the lines of this story.

Miss Brown and another woman are dressed as matrons, in khaki blouse, skirt, heels, an military cap. The first male prisoner is marched into the chamber, unshackled slowly, and made to strip buck naked, full frontal, no evasive angles. Brown’s assistant does the rubber glove routine, the prisoner bends over naked, jewels hang, for the appropriate inspection and the little jerk on penetration. He then puts on his prison uniform, two piece pajama-like, is shackled again and marched off to his cell, down a corridor which looks like a real prison.

A second male goes through the same humiliating, exposed process.

The first male is brought back to the chamber, stripped naked again, bent over a high stool. Brown uses a strap and cane on him, very hard.

The second male gets the same naked punishment.

And in the final scene, the first prisoner is caned naked again, the two matrons alternating strokes and turning his butt into a striped mess worthy of Rigid East.

Another ‘Miss Marchmont’ film, ‘Prison Canings,’ which we have reviewed here, depicts the same welcoming punishment, with two male guards whaling two girls in the same setting. We have seen this film listed by some as containing one of the most severe canings on film, which it may well have been at the time, until Lupus/Rigid East ramped up.

Headmistress’s Study #2

9 Mar

F/2f; time:51 minutes

A familiar Irish Domme, who has spanked in numerous CalStar films, plays a headmistress who will deal with two girls, in the small paneled space the studio used so effectively–well-lit, easy to get the good angles, good acoustics.

Student ‘Morrison’ is called in first. She is a short auburn-haired girl in full uniform. The Head’s ‘snitch’ has reported her downtown at a piercing parlor. “I’m going to check you, you know, your whole body.” When the Head threatens to contact Morrison’s parents, the girl becomes putty.

The Head actually feels Morrison’s pussy through her skirt, then has her raise her skirt and drop her panties. Sure enough, a jewelry ring on her shaved vagina lips. Time for the punishment.

Morrison takes off her tie and blouse, no bra, nice adolescent boobs. OTK she goes, her little black slit skirt still on. The Head finds a large tattoo at the base of her bare back. After some spanking, the Head rucks up the skirt. “Let’s see how this bottom is coming along….spread your legs a bit.”

The Head has Morrison stand against the wall and remove her skirt so that she is naked. A navel ring is discovered. Arms over her head, a delightful thin little body, every freckle on-screen.

Morrison bends over the desk for the black paddle, after a little protest when she sees it. The Head can hardly disguise the fun she is having with her nude student. Sniffles.

“Something a bit stronger, I think.” The short floppy CalStar strap. Gasps. The Head picks up the cane. “Oh please, not the cane, not for just piercings.” Over 20 strokes are shown, delivered slowly, sniffles, facials, repeats. “Your bottom is coming along very nicely…spread those legs.”

Morrison’s punishment is complete. She is sent to have the piercings removed, but not before another closeup bottom check from the Head. After the girl is gone, the Head smiles in satisfaction, “a good day’s work.”

“Morgan, you can come in now!” This blond student is the Head’s snitch, and potential ‘Head Girl,’ apparently waiting outside. The Head has found a reason to be dissatisfied with Morgan, who probably does not have much leverage to argue. For drinking and tattoos, she agrees to accept the same punishment “as the other girls.”

After she shows a tattoo on her thigh, Morgan goes OTK, skirt up, maroon satin panties soon down. After the warm up spanking, she stands and removes her skirt, tie, blouse, and bra. The Head twirls her naked, looking for tattoos and generally having a gander.

Morgan bends over the desk for the same sequence of paddle, strap and cane. The caning is shorter. Quivering, wheals, facials, perfect filming of this simple sequence–bottom always centered. Zoom in on the results. “You took it very well.”


4 Mar

MF/3f; time: 56 minutes

We’re not sure of the production company here. Master of the manor ‘James’ lies sick in bed; his maids won’t answer hs bell summonses. The girls, ‘Prudence’ and ‘Gertrude’ lounge below-stairs, drinking his champagne.

The lady of the house, ‘Tara,’ catches them and will punish them immediately. She spanks both girls OTK on their knickers, then sends Prudence to get “the heavy black strap.” The girls are familiar with it and none too happy. Tara takes off her jacket to expose a scandalous low-cut dress and no bra.

After each girl bends over a stool for the strap, Tara shifts to the cane. Prudence first. “Panties down.” Seven moderate strokes at the stool, then seven more touching toes. The girls know this hurts more.

To Gertrude: “Take your panties down.” 10 strokes. Two bottoms on-screen for some rubbing.

Three days later, James enters the scene and wants to see how Tara did with the two bottoms. Of course he is not satisfied, even though time fades marks. He will spank, strap, then cane both maids. His wife interrupts the proceedings; the girls have had enough. She sends them off.

James is appropriately infuriated. “Tara, to the Study, now!” After a scolding she will get her spanking, in front of the two maids, who are repositioned for the best view of her bottom. OTK, and a bare bottom strapping. Prudence fetches the cane. About a dozen very hard strokes,. filmed from a low angle. “I think you are a sadistic bastard, James.”

Tara tries to escape, and so earns 10 more strokes, touching toes. When James doesn’t like the tone of her apology, she gets two more short sets.

She finally leaves the room, maybe with a twinkle in her eyes more than tears.

Wicked Stepmother – CALSTAR

4 Mar

F/2f; time: 46 minutes

A youngish blonde will be disciplining two of her “step-daughters” in this simple American production, because her husband, their father, doesn’t have time for them. And she will be rather demonic and over the top about it, if you ask our opinion.

The first girl, a brunette, with double ponytails, wilts quickly enough on the step-mother’s scolding and the spanking begins. There is quite a collection of spanking implements on the floor in the room. Hands-on-hassock, little skirt flipped up, white ruffled panties. The girl is defiant, for the moment. “I don’t care. You can’t hurt me.” She has to count out and thank for her handsmacks.

Because the girl mutters an obscenity, step-mom makes her hold a cane in her mouth. Three strokes with another cane. The girl kneels on the floor and is instructed to back into the American wheelbarrow position OTK. A bizarre step-mother. The conventional OTK bare-bottom on the couch.

Step-mom removes her skirt for her, then crops her on the hassock. Not severe, nothing is severe in this film, but the camera angles are better than normal from the American producer, and the bottoms are firm and nice. Floor shots, good puss. Palm slaps from below also.

The step-mom bends her over for more spanking, then, ever-bizarre, reaches under to open her blouse so her breasts are freed. A doubled thick leather belt next and it would attract attention if used right. When the blouse comes off, step-mom is distressed by the body piercings she sees.

Floppy round paddle, more handspanking, then a mild caning, sort of tap-tap-snap, with her panties stuffed in her mouth. The step-mom actually stays seated as she administers some of the cane strokes.

In a second segment, the step-mother will punish another daughter. She is disturbed by the girl’s dress. “You can see the butt-crack.” White lace panties. This girl has a lot of tattoos. She bends over a chair and is soon very red from her spanking. She can’t control a chuckle.

Step-mother pulls off her skirt and panties and begins spanking with a wood kitchen spoon. Another spoon in her mouth muffles the giffaw. Step-mom rucks up the girl’s T-shirt as she bends so that her boobs hang. Not on any step-mother’s punishment list.

OTK again, wood spoon, closeups, squeals. Diaper position on the hassock; step-mom slaps her pussy with a slapper. Next, a long-handled stirrer, an effective implement. After a brief caning, she is released. The step-mother gathers her large armload of implements as she is gone also.

Red Route Area – CALSTAR

4 Mar

2F/2f; time: 47 minutes

An entertaining plot which could lead to a four-hour film, with a bit of variation to the format. Girls park illegally in poorly marked prohibited areas, their cars are towed away, and then they have to take spankings when they don’t have enough cash to retrieve their cars.

Actress ‘Hayley Russell,’ as ‘Miss Evans,’ works at the counter of the agency running this scam and is on the phone, hearing a victim is on the way. A pretty brunette is the first distraught girl, with no money at all to pay the 120 pd fine. Evans explains that there is an alternative of punishment. She calls, “Miss Nunn,” and in walks the actress ‘Miss Brown,” buxom, daunting, authoritative.

In her soft menacing voice Nunn explains to the girl: “Pay now on the spot or take punishment…here we do severe punishment.” The girl capitulates. “Take off your skirt.”
The thin brunette wears red satin bikini panties. Nunn takes her OTK and begins her slow, patented, left-handed spanking on fully bare buttocks.

The girl is bent over the counter for the black CALSTAR paddle. As in all her films, Miss Brown seems to be having a bit more fun than she should; here, the spankings are done right out in the open office. No danger of visitors? Evans gets to join in the paddling.

“Take your top off….and your bra…and your knickers.” The girl is naked, there is the sunlit office. “Kneel up on the table…legs apart.” Nunn uses a stiff strap; when she climbs down to the floor again, she shows a full untouched thatch of pubic hair.

Bend over the counter again, this time for the cane. 20 snappy strokes from Nunn, who likes the finger the welts. The girl is begging to go home to get some cash, but that is not allowed here. Evans returns, the girl’s ticket is ripped up, and she gets her car back. She slowly dresses, staying naked facing us below the waist until last.

FADE; a second girl discovers her car is gone. She is another cute brunette. Evans explains the procedure; the girl wonders exactly what the punishment entails. “Like, uh, when you had to see the headmaster at school,” says Evans.

Miss Nunn is summoned again. The girl takes her skirt off; more full white panties. OTK spanking to begin, panties down. Off the counter, more handspanking, the girl can’t prevent a smirk ands some giggles. Nunn has the girl take off her panties and face us full frontal–an unshaven bush.

Miss Evans is called and brings in the paddle collection. “Take your pick.” “None of them.” “No, it’s all of them, actually.” Nunn paddles her with each of three choices. The girl kneels up a chair, fleshing out an already perfect bottom.

“Stand up and take off the rest of your clothes.” This for a parking violation. Evans brings two canes. Nunn does the lefty strokes–25 on film, repeats; the girl keeps wiggling her bottom out of position.

The girl is released. Evans does the papers, asks to see her red bottom one more time, releases the car at the garage, and arranges for the attendant to see her red bottom one last time also.