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Punished By The Plumber – CALSTAR

14 Apr

M/f; year: 1998; time: 25 minutes

Another sweet lady who can’t pay her bills. ‘Mrs. Baxter,’ a well-packed young curly-haired brunette, scratches in her garden. A plumber calls at the door. She admits ‘Mr. Jones,’ a balding guy, certainly a well-dressed tradesman in a clean dress shirt and slacks (and no tools). She has had trouble with her waste disposal. He will replace the motor.

Back to the garden; the plumbing repair is done–the bill is 350 pds. Baxter is shocked, she can’t pay, her husband hasn’t left her with that kind of money. “What are we going to do about this?” she asks. “Well, you’re an attractive young lady, with a lovely bottom…I’ve got a couple of things I can bring in.” She quickly agrees to a spanking, as long as her husband can’t find out. “It’s a naughty suggestion, but I haven’t much choice.” He does all kind of pipes, this guy.

Baxter is asked to raise her skirt and bend over the kitchen counter and wait while Jones gets his “things.” (He did bring tools, it appears.) Her humiliation has begun. He begins with her OTK, skirt up. just panties and pantyhose, which he soon rolls down. A big perfect feminine bottom, already blotching red.

After a crisp spanking, he orders her to take off all her clothes, which she does very quickly and without complaint–shoes, half-stockings, skirt, top, and bra. She faces him (and the camera). Bend-over another counter for a paddle then a stiff leather spanker. She marks up dramatically. She turns her head to face the camera. “You are a strict disciplinarian. Is all your punishment on the bottom? Have you got anything else?” What could she be suggesting?

“The best is yet to come, young lady.” He sends her to the “lounge,” which is the oft-used CALSTAR room with the white sectional couch. Naked, she bends over, grabs her ankles, and again waits in this revealing and humiliating posture for Jones. Closeup of her well-bruised buttocks. She is worried about her husband, who, we guess, must check her bottom on a regular basis.

Jones returns with a cane and begins a long, slow whipping, stopping to fondle and caress after virtually every stroke, about 25 in all. Baxter is quiet and relatively unfazed. Varied camera angles, surely repeats, stripes and white lines appear. “There’s some lines there, young lady….lovely bottom.”

When he has concluded, he returns to the kitchen and tears up the bill. “It’s been nice working with you.”

Swedish Students – MOONGLOW

6 Apr

M/2f; time: 26 minutes

MOONGLOW  Girls ‘Liza Hughes’ and ‘Gina Moon,’ as ‘Jones’ and Compson,’ respectively, play two Swedish girls in a British school, learning the hard way what goes and doesn’t go.

The sports master has complained about Jones’ tardiness, so the (faceless) headmaster flicks up Jones’ skirt and scorches 6 cane strokes on her white knickers to help her get the point.

Compson (Gina Moon wears schoolgirl glasses) gets eight strokes for some infraction, including extras for insolence. She nearly jumps off the chair she is bent over when the Head feigns some strokes with wooshes.

“But a few hours later,” says the graphic, the girls are caught in bed together, and sent to the Head’s study in their nightgowns, where they get 6 of the cane on the cloth.

‘The Girl in Green Knickers’: is Compson; wearing the silly sailor-suit-like plaid-trimmed school pinafore. We do like bottle-green knickers. The offense here: walking on the grass! pants down, the Head uses a long-handle slapper with a floppy head the shape of a tea saucer. In another scene for her, she gets caned for alcohol in her room. Why is the sound of the cane different?

‘Jeans barred; duly caned’: both girls are caned on those jeans, despite their dispute with the rule.

‘Asking for a Caning’: the girls seem to be asking for a redemptive caning. the Head gives each 8 strokes on her clothing.

Nicky and the Cane – MOONGLOW

6 Apr

Actress/warrior ‘Nicky Montford’ in six separate spanking and caning episodes.

‘100 Strokes in Jodhpurs’: Nicky, in tight knickers and breeches, climbs onto a red-padded trestle or spanking bench, which is built for no other purpose. She’s been riding the lord’s horse without permission. A faceless male straps her ankles and calves to the bench. She can wiggle, but she won’t be going anywhere. “A shapely bottom for a thrashing,” he observes. In a rear closeup, he canes her in sets on her breeches with a crop and cane. There are moments of an oblique view of Nicky’s face. And, typical of Ms Montford, she hardly flinches during the 15-minute sequence.

‘Prepared For the Cane’: A long 25 minute episode. Nicky is spanked and paddled on her black panties, then on the bare. Again, she doesn’t flinch. She is sent to the blackboard to note her punishment, then over the trestle for the cane.

15 on her skirt, then blazer and skirt off, 25 more on her knickers. Clothes off but for a bra, about 10 more on the bare. Her disciplinarian gets in as many fondles as he can.

‘End of Term Report’: A full-face interview–Nicky is a nurse with poor work habits. They cane at this place. Bend-over, caned on her knickers, over a trestle, caned on her panties and on the bare.

‘1967 The Caning’: At school, Nicky has been caught “ducking” another student. “It was only a joke, sir.” She gets caned on her skirt, and caned again for making an “apple pie bed.”

‘Cinema Without Exeat’: She gets caned for this, leaving school without permission.

‘Christmas Present’: the gift is six strokes, on her skirt, for poor work, something to think about.

Spic ‘N Span – CALSTAR

6 Apr

year: 1991; time: 1 hours; M/2f

We are near completion of the CALSTAR spanking catalogue; the films we have missed, for the most part, deserve missing. This is a ‘Tony Sinclair Production’ with actor ‘Anthony Lawton,’ on his young side.

Lawton appears to be playing a butler and has called two of his maids, sloppy workers, to his quarters, a paper-walled faux stone dungeon of a room buried in the manor.

For the full hour of the film, as it crawled by, he will spank and torment the maids, gradually relieving them of their satin uniforms. “I will lose my job if I don’t discipline you.” As was always the case with Lawton, he does not quite get into fourth gear as he spanks. We can imagine a much different conclusion if it were LUPUS making a film of a butler bringing two maids to his basement digs.

The spankings are mild, the squealing contrived, and the girls are not convincing. We have said before, in these films, once in a while an innovation creeps in worth describing. Not here.

Best of the Cane – MOONGLOW

6 Apr

time: 2 hours

Nineteen spanking and caning segments from MOONGLOW, another collection of self-contained, titled stories, some from films we have seen and reviewed, with Moonglow Girls. Others we can’t find, despite the catalogue numbers MOONGLOW provides. Someone somewhere sits with the full MOONGLOW catalogue.

‘Alison,’ possessing our nomination for a world-class bottom, supplemented by her Liverpool acting skill and temperament, is featured in the first three episodes, ‘Condomania,’ ‘Term Ends,’ and ‘Legal Beatings.’ We’ve said before we enjoy the evolving fashions of pubic hairstyle.

‘Aura’ and ‘Elena’ get the cane on their slacks over a trestle.

‘Emma Brown.’ in a segment entitled ‘The Chemistry Master’s Car,’ plays the cute schoolgirl. Her buttock love tattoo is visible through her white panties. A male disciplinarian is offended by that tattoo and spanks her over two chairs–the ‘Winchester.’ And last, Emma, completely naked, getting caned over a twin school desk, breasts squashed, a highly entertaining segment which includes ‘multicam’ views.

Moonglow Girl ‘Jenny Greenstreet’ is caned by MOONGLOW founder the late John Kirwood and in another scene for stealing cash in a restaurant/men’s club, from ‘Minnie the Jinx.’

‘Karen’ or ‘Jenny Close’ in three episodes, one with Kirwood.

‘Lorrayne’ is caned by two guys and then gets a creaming (she really needs it), from the film ‘Getting Ready,’ which we can’t find.

‘Lucy Bailey,’ 17 minutes from ‘Flatmates’ Discipline.’ She loses most of her clothes and is caned by her husband in front of dinner guests in her own home. A nifty plot line, very British, used occasionally in CalStar and NuWest. When a cane shatters, a guest happens to have another in his car.

John Kirwood in his ‘Gardener Mudstock’ role canes two girls.

‘Melissa’ is caned by ‘Sir Jasper,’ again in the person of Kirwood.

‘Sandra’ in sessions called ‘The Cheat’ and ‘Caught Smoking.’

John Kirwood does a long session with a fluffy blonde referred to as a “one-on-one first caning.”

The wonderful collections concludes with four schoolgirl spankings, ‘Lucy,’ “Jana,’ ‘Donna,’ and ‘Jo.’

Corporal Canes – MOONGLOW

6 Apr

F/f; time: 48 minutes

A bit of military discipline, on the comical side. Irish Scottish  MOONGLOW actress ‘Jean Bradley’ plays a slightly well-traveled and powerful Air Force corporal. She has caught ‘Helen Harper,’ played by MOONGLOW Girl ‘C.J.,’ stealing from supply stores. Harper is summoned. “Have you been caned before?” There is a spanking bench in the office, which Harper eyes with some trepidation.

There is a flashback of Harper being caned in school, where she kneels on a spanking platform and rests her mid-section on an ‘H’ bar in its center. She takes 18 very hard cane strokes on her slacks. often used flashbacks to increase the amount of CP and broaden the storyline in a film.

Return to the present and the confrontation with Jean the corporal. After a scolding, when Jean steps out of her office to get her spanking tools, Harper sneaks a look at her personnel file and puts a hatpin on the corporal’s chair. When the corporal sits and screeches, Harper roars with laughter and is immediately led to the punishment bench.

The device is a complicated wide platform, with kneeling positions spread apart to open the legs. The corporal slides onto the bench to show how it is used, which triggers a flashback of HER being caned on minimal panties in her past.

The corporal will start on Harper and directs her to remove the implements from her briefcase. “A bit kinky,” chortles Harper as she picks out the paddles and straps. Harper removes her uniform blouse and hat and settles into position on the bench. First, the corporal spanks her on her skirt–hand, sole, strap, and paddle. Harper and the corporal talk calmly through the spanking.

Skirt up, a little string thong means a fully bare bottom.
Harper is still finding amusement. The corporal warns her: “I’m not finished. There’s the little matter of the pin…get your skirt off, now.” She shouts the direction maybe 10 times before Harper unzips. Back over the bench, this time the corporal fastens down Harper’s ankles. Eight very hard cane strokes–Harper gasps in surprise.

After this short session, Harper gets up and wrestles the corporal over the bench. Harper has evidence of her fooling with the officers, so she will now take HER punishment, and she accepts without a fuss. A very hard 20 strokes of the cane on her skirt–it sounds like she has some padding. After this short whipping, Harper declares: “One last thing I want to do,” and she writes ‘I Resign!’ across the corporal’s bare cheeks.

This 48 minute film is augmented by two short episodes with MOONGLOW Girl ‘Gina Moon’; ‘Twelve in the Morning, Six in the Evening,’ and ‘A Caning Fantasy.’ Both are simple schoolgirl fantasies. In the second, Gina masturbates against a Beethoven soundtrack as she dreams of being caned.

Nursing Her Bottom – MOONGLOW

3 Apr

MF/f; time: 45 minutes

An old MOONGLOW, accessible on several pay sites. Moonglow girl ‘Debbie’ and a guy are seen in a lusty fuck in the back seat of her car. Debbie, a brunette popping out of her clothes, returns home to greet her husband, actor ‘Anthony Lawton.’

She makes nice with him (naughty girl that she has been, she should) and she takes a shower, providing a nice nudie scene prevalent in this era of early CP films. Lots of bottom, of course. She pulls on a nurse’s uniform. Before she can leave for work, Lawton offers her a “present,” some spanking implements. “Why would I want these?”

Lawton has discovered she has been having sex in their car. He is going to spank her before she leaves. OTK, uniform skirt up, full white panties. “Let’s take these knickers down.” His spankings are mild to moderate in all his films. Debbie kneels up on a chair for a strap and crop, then a bend-over. “Ready to admit it yet?” The way he spanks, a rip in the back seat might be worth it.

We confess we lower our expectations when we see this actor, which should not offend him. We presume he has retired to his villa on the Adriatic by now.

He makes her strip naked. Why does she have to cover herself? She takes 20 cane strokes then Lawton gives her a creaming.

Fade to the scene change, ‘Brittania Private Hospital.’ Debbie arrives in a huff (and with a hot bottom), late. she is scolded by her supervisor, sister ‘Miss Cummins.’

But ‘However, One Week Later,’ Debbie is late again. She will report to Cummins at the end of her shift. When she does, her uniform must come off immediately. Cummins has a briefcase of implements. Black undies, hands against the wall, Debbie’s bottom sticks out. Another silly spanking, except for the storyline idea of getting spanked by your supervisor with most of your clothes off in her office at the end of the workday. Paddles, a sole, off comes the bra. Sister Cummins is having some fun.

Thong down, sister is stroking Debbie’s pussy as she spanks. As she is about to orgasm, Debbie pushes Cummins away. Embarrassment or shame?

Cummins will now cane her, over 50 moderate strokes, sometimes in groups of a half-dozen, as Debbie kneels on a chair. The film ends at 49 minutes, and contains about another 30 minutes of naughty nurses getting discipline at MOONGLOW, a favorite theme of John Kirwood films back-in-the-day.

Seven Sore Dreams – MOONGLOW

2 Apr

M/f; year: 1997; time: 49 minutes

‘Kirsty McDuff’ agitates restlessly in bed, wearing blue flannel pajamas. She can’t sleep, so she calls her doctor.

Later, she now has sleeping pills prescribed for her. Kirsty undresses and prepares for bed naked, before the pajamas go on. Even though the label warns of nightmares if more than one pill is taken, she takes two, and thus we are set up for a series of spanking dreams.

After some fitful tossing, the first dream begins. A hooded monk (it is surely John Kirwood) appears and begins spanking her on her pj’s. This may not be the premier pj-CP film, but we would list it. (Our first choice is Sophie Fennington in ‘Room Service.’)

The second dream–the monk takes Kirsty out of bed and drops her pj bottoms for more OTK.

The third–the monk returns, and Kirsty kneels on her bed for a mild session from a tawse.

In the fourth episode, Kirsty is dragged out of bed, her pj’s dropped, hands against the wall, for more of the tawse.

In the fifth scene, matters advance to the obvious conclusion. The monk strips her naked this time and assists her to lie flat on her stomach on a table for the strap, and then into the very exposed diaper position for more.

In dream #6, she is caned on her pajamas on the same table. Not significant enough to count the strokes.

And the final dream: “Arise, undress!” Kirsty removes her pajamas, slowly, facing us. She gets into the ‘Winchester’ position over two chairs for the cane.

Back to bed naked, a red striped bottom. Kirsty hugs her stuffed monkey and dreams of the caning. The next morning, she awakes refreshed and checks her bottom–clear.

“I wonder what would happen if I took three.” After the graphic ‘However,’ she wakes again–this time her bottom is striped. The graphic: “Do dreams come true? They do at MOONGLOW.”

The Cane and I (part 1) – MOONGLOW

2 Apr

2M/2f; M/f Time: 55 minutes

A female narrates: “Hi, Gentlemen, listen to my story on how posh schoolgirls, gone bad, have their bare bottoms whipped by the wicked cane.”

We open with the obligatory exterior shot of a mansion/girls school. Two girls are caught smoking and taken to the headmaster. ‘Valerie’ is played by the actress ‘Emma Brown,’ a bit older here. She goes OTK. (“Oh, no!”) Panties down, there’s the love tattoo, not worn off yet. Handspanking and paddling.

Brunette ‘Maria’ is next to be spanked, same procedure.

Fade to a new scene. The girls report again to the headmaster, wearing silly boaters, blouses, and blue skirts. It will be the cane this time. “Hats off…skirts off!” Valerie will be whipped first. Take your knickers down…right over the desk.” After a handspanking warm up (how could you not handle that bottom?), she gets six of the cane. Maria loses her pants for the same. The girls are warned. “Next time you get double.”

The girls are informed they have been “transferred to Switzerland,” where discipline is even harsher. Fade to a new set–the girls wear slightly comical plaid school uniforms. Actor ‘Tom Cooper’ plays the Head. He shows them the spanking stool used at the school and decides s little demonstration might pertain. Valerie and Maria are both spanked and paddled over the stool, hard like Cooper always did.

Fade, Cooper will now concentrate on Valerie (Emma). She removes her non-regulation white panties and bends over a desk for the cane. 15 strokes. “Squeal all you want…I told you this was far more severe than London.”

Valerie is sent to send Maria to the punishment room. She also wears the wrong knickers. About 10 strokes of the cane from Cooper, rubbing, and silly tears.

Another scene change–the girls report to Cooper and have to hand over their knickers on entry. They sit at their desks, bare skin on wood. Now they are going to be transferred to “Johannesburg,” which must be the worst news. This ends the segment, but we would like to have seen the “welcome” in
South Africa.

Part 2 of the film, after 39 minutes, is an unrelated story, made earlier in time than the Emma segment above, we surmise. A young and very naked ‘Sarah Harvey Lewis,’ as ‘Claudia,’ is snuggling on a bed with a guy. She keeps her knee raised for modesty. They roll around and she gets spanked. Then a flashback to a schoolgirl spanking for Claudia, in the silly Swiss pinafore outfit. Caning on knickers and the bare.

After more bedroom cavorting, another flashback–Claudia in a silly B&D strap outfit in a faux dungeon room. A guy teases her with a cane, standing, then over a trestle. Then naked, a little confusing.