The Cane and I (part 1) – MOONGLOW

2 Apr

2M/2f; M/f Time: 55 minutes

A female narrates: “Hi, Gentlemen, listen to my story on how posh schoolgirls, gone bad, have their bare bottoms whipped by the wicked cane.”

We open with the obligatory exterior shot of a mansion/girls school. Two girls are caught smoking and taken to the headmaster. ‘Valerie’ is played by the actress ‘Emma Brown,’ a bit older here. She goes OTK. (“Oh, no!”) Panties down, there’s the love tattoo, not worn off yet. Handspanking and paddling.

Brunette ‘Maria’ is next to be spanked, same procedure.

Fade to a new scene. The girls report again to the headmaster, wearing silly boaters, blouses, and blue skirts. It will be the cane this time. “Hats off…skirts off!” Valerie will be whipped first. Take your knickers down…right over the desk.” After a handspanking warm up (how could you not handle that bottom?), she gets six of the cane. Maria loses her pants for the same. The girls are warned. “Next time you get double.”

The girls are informed they have been “transferred to Switzerland,” where discipline is even harsher. Fade to a new set–the girls wear slightly comical plaid school uniforms. Actor ‘Tom Cooper’ plays the Head. He shows them the spanking stool used at the school and decides s little demonstration might pertain. Valerie and Maria are both spanked and paddled over the stool, hard like Cooper always did.

Fade, Cooper will now concentrate on Valerie (Emma). She removes her non-regulation white panties and bends over a desk for the cane. 15 strokes. “Squeal all you want…I told you this was far more severe than London.”

Valerie is sent to send Maria to the punishment room. She also wears the wrong knickers. About 10 strokes of the cane from Cooper, rubbing, and silly tears.

Another scene change–the girls report to Cooper and have to hand over their knickers on entry. They sit at their desks, bare skin on wood. Now they are going to be transferred to “Johannesburg,” which must be the worst news. This ends the segment, but we would like to have seen the “welcome” in
South Africa.

Part 2 of the film, after 39 minutes, is an unrelated story, made earlier in time than the Emma segment above, we surmise. A young and very naked ‘Sarah Harvey Lewis,’ as ‘Claudia,’ is snuggling on a bed with a guy. She keeps her knee raised for modesty. They roll around and she gets spanked. Then a flashback to a schoolgirl spanking for Claudia, in the silly Swiss pinafore outfit. Caning on knickers and the bare.

After more bedroom cavorting, another flashback–Claudia in a silly B&D strap outfit in a faux dungeon room. A guy teases her with a cane, standing, then over a trestle. Then naked, a little confusing.

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