Nursing Her Bottom – MOONGLOW

3 Apr

MF/f; time: 45 minutes

An old MOONGLOW, accessible on several pay sites. Moonglow girl ‘Debbie’ and a guy are seen in a lusty fuck in the back seat of her car. Debbie, a brunette popping out of her clothes, returns home to greet her husband, actor ‘Anthony Lawton.’

She makes nice with him (naughty girl that she has been, she should) and she takes a shower, providing a nice nudie scene prevalent in this era of early CP films. Lots of bottom, of course. She pulls on a nurse’s uniform. Before she can leave for work, Lawton offers her a “present,” some spanking implements. “Why would I want these?”

Lawton has discovered she has been having sex in their car. He is going to spank her before she leaves. OTK, uniform skirt up, full white panties. “Let’s take these knickers down.” His spankings are mild to moderate in all his films. Debbie kneels up on a chair for a strap and crop, then a bend-over. “Ready to admit it yet?” The way he spanks, a rip in the back seat might be worth it.

We confess we lower our expectations when we see this actor, which should not offend him. We presume he has retired to his villa on the Adriatic by now.

He makes her strip naked. Why does she have to cover herself? She takes 20 cane strokes then Lawton gives her a creaming.

Fade to the scene change, ‘Brittania Private Hospital.’ Debbie arrives in a huff (and with a hot bottom), late. she is scolded by her supervisor, sister ‘Miss Cummins.’

But ‘However, One Week Later,’ Debbie is late again. She will report to Cummins at the end of her shift. When she does, her uniform must come off immediately. Cummins has a briefcase of implements. Black undies, hands against the wall, Debbie’s bottom sticks out. Another silly spanking, except for the storyline idea of getting spanked by your supervisor with most of your clothes off in her office at the end of the workday. Paddles, a sole, off comes the bra. Sister Cummins is having some fun.

Thong down, sister is stroking Debbie’s pussy as she spanks. As she is about to orgasm, Debbie pushes Cummins away. Embarrassment or shame?

Cummins will now cane her, over 50 moderate strokes, sometimes in groups of a half-dozen, as Debbie kneels on a chair. The film ends at 49 minutes, and contains about another 30 minutes of naughty nurses getting discipline at MOONGLOW, a favorite theme of John Kirwood films back-in-the-day.

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