Best of the Cane – MOONGLOW

6 Apr

time: 2 hours

Nineteen spanking and caning segments from MOONGLOW, another collection of self-contained, titled stories, some from films we have seen and reviewed, with Moonglow Girls. Others we can’t find, despite the catalogue numbers MOONGLOW provides. Someone somewhere sits with the full MOONGLOW catalogue.

‘Alison,’ possessing our nomination for a world-class bottom, supplemented by her Liverpool acting skill and temperament, is featured in the first three episodes, ‘Condomania,’ ‘Term Ends,’ and ‘Legal Beatings.’ We’ve said before we enjoy the evolving fashions of pubic hairstyle.

‘Aura’ and ‘Elena’ get the cane on their slacks over a trestle.

‘Emma Brown.’ in a segment entitled ‘The Chemistry Master’s Car,’ plays the cute schoolgirl. Her buttock love tattoo is visible through her white panties. A male disciplinarian is offended by that tattoo and spanks her over two chairs–the ‘Winchester.’ And last, Emma, completely naked, getting caned over a twin school desk, breasts squashed, a highly entertaining segment which includes ‘multicam’ views.

Moonglow Girl ‘Jenny Greenstreet’ is caned by MOONGLOW founder the late John Kirwood and in another scene for stealing cash in a restaurant/men’s club, from ‘Minnie the Jinx.’

‘Karen’ or ‘Jenny Close’ in three episodes, one with Kirwood.

‘Lorrayne’ is caned by two guys and then gets a creaming (she really needs it), from the film ‘Getting Ready,’ which we can’t find.

‘Lucy Bailey,’ 17 minutes from ‘Flatmates’ Discipline.’ She loses most of her clothes and is caned by her husband in front of dinner guests in her own home. A nifty plot line, very British, used occasionally in CalStar and NuWest. When a cane shatters, a guest happens to have another in his car.

John Kirwood in his ‘Gardener Mudstock’ role canes two girls.

‘Melissa’ is caned by ‘Sir Jasper,’ again in the person of Kirwood.

‘Sandra’ in sessions called ‘The Cheat’ and ‘Caught Smoking.’

John Kirwood does a long session with a fluffy blonde referred to as a “one-on-one first caning.”

The wonderful collections concludes with four schoolgirl spankings, ‘Lucy,’ “Jana,’ ‘Donna,’ and ‘Jo.’

2 Responses to “Best of the Cane – MOONGLOW”

  1. George September 3, 2021 at 12:46 pm #

    Re: Lorryane. Getting Ready is the third part of Moonglow Compendium Four. The liner notes for that tape describe it as “Part Three: Getting Ready [14 min]. Before making Part One above, Lorraine was curious about things related to spanking and the team started to discuss bondage. As a warm up, they decided to shoot a bondage clip; this is the result.” (Part 1 is the Cavern Movie “Penalty Strokes 2”, both ‘Penalty Strokes’ movies were called “The Secretary” by CalStar). I’ve been looking for ‘Getting Ready. for two years without success.

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