Corporal Canes – MOONGLOW

6 Apr

F/f; time: 48 minutes

A bit of military discipline, on the comical side. Irish Scottish  MOONGLOW actress ‘Jean Bradley’ plays a slightly well-traveled and powerful Air Force corporal. She has caught ‘Helen Harper,’ played by MOONGLOW Girl ‘C.J.,’ stealing from supply stores. Harper is summoned. “Have you been caned before?” There is a spanking bench in the office, which Harper eyes with some trepidation.

There is a flashback of Harper being caned in school, where she kneels on a spanking platform and rests her mid-section on an ‘H’ bar in its center. She takes 18 very hard cane strokes on her slacks. often used flashbacks to increase the amount of CP and broaden the storyline in a film.

Return to the present and the confrontation with Jean the corporal. After a scolding, when Jean steps out of her office to get her spanking tools, Harper sneaks a look at her personnel file and puts a hatpin on the corporal’s chair. When the corporal sits and screeches, Harper roars with laughter and is immediately led to the punishment bench.

The device is a complicated wide platform, with kneeling positions spread apart to open the legs. The corporal slides onto the bench to show how it is used, which triggers a flashback of HER being caned on minimal panties in her past.

The corporal will start on Harper and directs her to remove the implements from her briefcase. “A bit kinky,” chortles Harper as she picks out the paddles and straps. Harper removes her uniform blouse and hat and settles into position on the bench. First, the corporal spanks her on her skirt–hand, sole, strap, and paddle. Harper and the corporal talk calmly through the spanking.

Skirt up, a little string thong means a fully bare bottom.
Harper is still finding amusement. The corporal warns her: “I’m not finished. There’s the little matter of the pin…get your skirt off, now.” She shouts the direction maybe 10 times before Harper unzips. Back over the bench, this time the corporal fastens down Harper’s ankles. Eight very hard cane strokes–Harper gasps in surprise.

After this short session, Harper gets up and wrestles the corporal over the bench. Harper has evidence of her fooling with the officers, so she will now take HER punishment, and she accepts without a fuss. A very hard 20 strokes of the cane on her skirt–it sounds like she has some padding. After this short whipping, Harper declares: “One last thing I want to do,” and she writes ‘I Resign!’ across the corporal’s bare cheeks.

This 48 minute film is augmented by two short episodes with MOONGLOW Girl ‘Gina Moon’; ‘Twelve in the Morning, Six in the Evening,’ and ‘A Caning Fantasy.’ Both are simple schoolgirl fantasies. In the second, Gina masturbates against a Beethoven soundtrack as she dreams of being caned.

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