Nicky and the Cane – MOONGLOW

6 Apr

Actress/warrior ‘Nicky Montford’ in six separate spanking and caning episodes.

‘100 Strokes in Jodhpurs’: Nicky, in tight knickers and breeches, climbs onto a red-padded trestle or spanking bench, which is built for no other purpose. She’s been riding the lord’s horse without permission. A faceless male straps her ankles and calves to the bench. She can wiggle, but she won’t be going anywhere. “A shapely bottom for a thrashing,” he observes. In a rear closeup, he canes her in sets on her breeches with a crop and cane. There are moments of an oblique view of Nicky’s face. And, typical of Ms Montford, she hardly flinches during the 15-minute sequence.

‘Prepared For the Cane’: A long 25 minute episode. Nicky is spanked and paddled on her black panties, then on the bare. Again, she doesn’t flinch. She is sent to the blackboard to note her punishment, then over the trestle for the cane.

15 on her skirt, then blazer and skirt off, 25 more on her knickers. Clothes off but for a bra, about 10 more on the bare. Her disciplinarian gets in as many fondles as he can.

‘End of Term Report’: A full-face interview–Nicky is a nurse with poor work habits. They cane at this place. Bend-over, caned on her knickers, over a trestle, caned on her panties and on the bare.

‘1967 The Caning’: At school, Nicky has been caught “ducking” another student. “It was only a joke, sir.” She gets caned on her skirt, and caned again for making an “apple pie bed.”

‘Cinema Without Exeat’: She gets caned for this, leaving school without permission.

‘Christmas Present’: the gift is six strokes, on her skirt, for poor work, something to think about.

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