Swedish Students – MOONGLOW

6 Apr

M/2f; time: 26 minutes

MOONGLOW  Girls ‘Liza Hughes’ and ‘Gina Moon,’ as ‘Jones’ and Compson,’ respectively, play two Swedish girls in a British school, learning the hard way what goes and doesn’t go.

The sports master has complained about Jones’ tardiness, so the (faceless) headmaster flicks up Jones’ skirt and scorches 6 cane strokes on her white knickers to help her get the point.

Compson (Gina Moon wears schoolgirl glasses) gets eight strokes for some infraction, including extras for insolence. She nearly jumps off the chair she is bent over when the Head feigns some strokes with wooshes.

“But a few hours later,” says the graphic, the girls are caught in bed together, and sent to the Head’s study in their nightgowns, where they get 6 of the cane on the cloth.

‘The Girl in Green Knickers’: is Compson; wearing the silly sailor-suit-like plaid-trimmed school pinafore. We do like bottle-green knickers. The offense here: walking on the grass! pants down, the Head uses a long-handle slapper with a floppy head the shape of a tea saucer. In another scene for her, she gets caned for alcohol in her room. Why is the sound of the cane different?

‘Jeans barred; duly caned’: both girls are caned on those jeans, despite their dispute with the rule.

‘Asking for a Caning’: the girls seem to be asking for a redemptive caning. the Head gives each 8 strokes on her clothing.

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