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Hard Business – PAIN4FEM

29 May

M/3f; time: 1 hr. 4 minutes

A long film from P4F, in their familiar format, and beautifully made–lighting, audio, plausible sets, and as always, elegant bottoms on beautiful girls. We like the erotic buildup.

A homeowner (‘Peter Schober’) and his female contractor visit his empty new house, where a female painting crew is at work. They take a little tour and discuss things cosmetic (we assume–there are no subtitles). They leave the girls to work.

The three nubile brunette painters soon resort to horseplay rather than work, and begin smearing blue paint on each other, including buttocks and breasts. Peter returns, spies them, and brings the female contractor back for a confrontation.

The girls are scolded and try to clean up, but this isn’t enough for Peter, always the opportunist. The girls are marched into an adjacent room, where part of a painters’ scaffold stands stagelit, an ominous piece of equipment if you are a P4F advocate. They shiver in fright when Peter brings in an armload of spanking implements.

The girls must be told they are going to be punished, because they hang their heads. Their female boss also has the trace of a sheepish look on her face. Actress ‘Dominika’ goes first. She pulls her shirt over her head and is naked to the waist. She walks to the scaffold frame, raises her arms to grasp it, and is ready. Besides perfect bottoms, P4F likes boobs.

The contractor will flog Dominika first, with a large martinet. The two watching girls quake in fear. Peter soon takes over, and of course he flogs much harder, and much faster. The session ends, an easy one compared to what is coming.

Painter ‘Jane’ is next; she will bend over a table for the cane. She unties and drops her drawstring painter’s pants herself. No thong. The caning is fierce–stripes immediately. Big wild wheals ripen. The third girl, ‘Lucy,’ holds her hands to keep her calm. A nasty caning, with facials, oblique shots, and facials of the suffering spectators.

Lucy is last to be punished, another vicious caning.

At the conclusion, as the contractor and Peter review the three bottoms, a shocked look appears on the contractor’s face. It is not hard to imagine that she has been told it is now her turn.

Through the Bedroom Door – DREAMS OFSPANKING

29 May

M/2f; time: 15 minutes

Pandora Blake’s website and production company. Pandora overhears a spanking underway and peeks through a door. ‘Thomas Cameron’ has Amelia Jane Rutherford over his lap and is at work on her panties. We don’t know what she did but we defend Cameron’s right to take action.

Cameron catches Pandora peeking, drags her into the room, and the rest of this simple film depicts the two girls being spanked together, kneeling up, panties down, on side by side twin beds.

Caning of a Young Lady – NUWEST

29 May

F/f; time: 10 minutes

Very old and frumpy format; a woman sits behind the office desk set NW used in the 1980’s; she is lecturing two young schoolgirls and is so uncertain of her lines that she reads from a script on her desk.

Auburn-haired ‘Lisa; stole a watch. “A few red hot stripes on your backside will make you think twice.” No wonder she had to read the script. Who could remember that? Another student, blonde ‘Kimberly,’ is sent to get Miss Watkins and have her bring her cane.

A very young Ann Bowman walks on the set, in the period when she often wore a plaid two piece suit. Without any ado she says, “How many?” “I’ll tell you when to stop.” We’ve catalogued Ms. Bowman at work in other films. She must love such instruction.

Lisa bends over the teacher’s desk and raises her skirt. “Pull your panties down to your legs.” Bowman begins a loud caning on bare skin. About 40 very hard strokes are seen or heard, with opportunities for necessary repeats created by closeups of pal Kimberly wincing, Bowman’s face in the throes of action, and various angles. Some background noises at the studio also betray. But give the girl a break, 40 from Bowman!?

“That will be enough, Miss Watkins.”

Discipline in Russia #44 – Corporal Punishments of Street Girls 2 – NETTLES

28 May

M/f; time: 31 minutes

In the second part of this couplet, the pimp will whip the second prostitute, ‘Masha,’ on the bizarre frame made of 6″ x 6″ timber.

Blond naked Masha is carried to the platform and tied to it kneeling,wrists and ankles. Her whipping will be more severe than that of Dashka.

The pimp begins caning with a single stick birch rod; Vladimir will visit twice during the process and climb onto the platform and slap her face very hard. Stripes appear immediately and in such a wild and random pattern that they appear legitimate.

The pimp will count his own strokes -almost 75 of them. Tears come early. When Masha is led out, she doesn’t look too happy.

Discipline in Russia #43 -Corporal Punishment of Street Girls 1 – NETTLES

28 May

M/f; time: 52 minutes

These Russian film makers are very comfortable in the sleazy gangster world of prostitution. Pimp ‘Krasavchik’ meets with the big boss ‘Vladimir,’ to review and turn over the receipts of some of his girls.

It seems brunette ‘Dashka’ and blonde ‘Maska’ are skimming cash off the top and have also tried to poison one of their clients. Once again, we don’t fuss the plot details and struggle through the inscrutable subtitles.

Dashka and Maska are summoned, questioned about their low productivity, and Dashka is challenged because she refuses to do anal sex. Vladimir grabs her, throws her to her knees and pulls her pants down. He gropes her buttocks hard enough to leave reddening fingerprints. Mashka joins her, taking her own pants down, lest someone else do it.

Pimp Krasavchik is ordered to punish the girls, to give them a beating. Both girls are ordered to strip, which they seem to have expected and do not object to. Lovely brunette Dashka will be taken to the “cellar” first, actually the high-ceiling ballroom-like space often used at NETTLES.

In the center of the room stands a huge and heavy table-high platform, with two heavy posts rising in the middle. Naked Daska acts as if she has been here before, climbs up, and kneels erect between the posts.
She is fastened at the ankles and wrists, and as usual the complicated process is condensed.

Krasavchik will give Dashka 50 cane strokes. The actress does a creditable job of suffering, surging, and struggling through the caning –good facials, reasonably good shots of the target area, and lots of marks and stripes, including wraparounds on her thighs which might not have been intended. After 50 strokes she is released; in reality, an income-producing street girl would never be sidelined like this.

Naked blond Mashka is carried in, struggling and kicking, and tied to the frame. She will be whipped in part 2.

Ed’s Place -Amy – NUWEST

28 May

M/f; time: 27 minutes

A later film, sexy NUWEST model Amy returns to work with longer hair, and Ed Lee’s health is deteriorating. We are in the tile-lined room with a wire cage in the background. Ed and Amy walk on-set and drop their coats on a bed.

Ed takes Amy OTK immediately, “to get you all warmed up.” She wears a black dress and black lace-topped stockings, and when her skirt comes up, we see black panties. The panties come down, and soon Amy stands in a corner, bare-bottom, this humiliation game part of the experience.

Dress and bra off, a full frontal look, pro forma. Hands on a stool for Ed’s martinet. She kneels on the platform bed for more martinet and extensive frontals. Onto her back, legs up into the diaper position. Lee fondles and rubs. Flat on the bed, Russian style, for more martinet.

Amy masturbates while Lee whips her with his dogwhip.

Pain and Pleasure – MOOD

28 May

M/3f; time: 1 hr, 3 minutes

A soft-porn oriented CP film, a bit outside the mold for MOOD. Actor ‘Steve Holmes’ is masturbating to a MOOD film. A redheaded girl (‘Valentina Blue”) walks onto the scene and probably wants a bit of this, so Holmes pulls down her bodice, her dress up, and begins spanking, and he plays with her, frigging away.

She gives him a blowjob; he is huge, almost more than she can handle. He slaps and chokes her, spreading her legs, slapping her pussy–pain and pleasure. Slapping and sexual interplay, where her bottom and his cock compete for attention.

In a new scene, two more girls, ‘CJ'(we remember from MOONGLOW) and ‘Sabrina Sweet’ play some games in a BDSM chamber, including some straigtforward fucking. Details not relevant.

Best of Jennifer Brooks – NUWEST NWV-379

27 May

MF/mf; year: 2003; time: 30 minutes

About 20 clips of CP actress/producer and porn star ‘Jennifer Brooks’ from her appearances at NuWest, some which we have seen and reviewed. All are performed with the NuWest cast; we will detail a few which tickled our fancy.

Several contain straightforward OTK spankings from Ed Lee, who likes to trap her kicking legs with his.

Ms. Brooks liked to play the domme on occasion; more accurately, it became her preference and extended her career. She, with Julia and Joanne Jameson, Katie, Karen, Amy, or other girls, will flog several naked men, including Ed Lee himself, David, and others. One naked guy develops a healthy erection during his flogging, which throbs visibly, to the delight of the attendant girls.

Jennifer spanks David with evident pleasure in several segments. He tended to get a boner, probably even in the dressing room, so Ms. Brooks is probably aware as he struggles over her lap.

Russian Slaves #62 Mr. Beria 2 – NETTLES

27 May

M/f; time: 39 minutes

The second part of this film opens with Soviet security officer ‘Mr. Beria,’ who makes his living tormenting young girls, sitting at his desk. He calls for his assistant ‘Jerry Gerashvilli,’ again. Does he know the prisoner ‘Tatyana Alexsandranova Larina’? The girl has intercepted some mail, and in any case, here is another chance to whale a bottom.

Jerry brings the girl, another stunning auburn haired beauty. The girls in this film couplet have been top notch. Tatyana denies all of course, so Gerry slams her face down on the table–the padded table. She knows what it is used for.

Tatyana is ordered to undress, which she does slowly–same white apron and dark dress as the girl in part 1. This time Jerry attends to her bloomers himself, with undisguised pleasure. A shaved pussy. The two men examine and pinch her boobs. She has to tolerate this, but won’t talk.

She slides up onto the table into position and Jerry ties her as he always does. The tying of the complicated knots is condensed. She is made to turn her face to Mr. Beria (and the camera). Beria hands Jerry a cane, like they do in “England.”

He begins caning Tatyana, moderate but increasingly hard, in sets of three or four strokes. A wonderful soaring bottom. Tatyana hardly moves. About 40 strokes, bottom often full screen.

Again, Beria leaves for a dinner break. Jerry releases Tatyana. She must stand naked, hands-on-head, and “face Lenin,” the patriotic banner on the wall. She didn’t confess. The men will try again tomorrow, and Jerry concludes with a final tweak.

Russian Slaves #61 Mr. Beria 1 – NETTLES

26 May

M/f; time: 48 minutes

Goofy stuff but for a glorious body on actress ‘Elena Vedishneva,’ especially from the rear view. An actor portrays Soviet security chief ‘Mr. Beria,’ who supposedly raped and tortured young girls during the Stalin era and was executed for it.

The first 8 minutes of the film present archival Soviet film clips, rather well done for NETTLES. When the film story begins, ‘Beria,’ wearing a hat more fitting for Peter Sellers, sits in his office. An assistant, a colonel (actor ‘Jerry Gerashvilli,’ as these subtitle folks wrote it), is asked to bring prisoner #180 from her cell.

‘Mrs. Potemkina,’ a fetching long, braided auburn-haired maiden like, is delivered. We know when we see her we can get through any stumbling Russian production. She wears a black dress and white apron, the uniform in this prison. She is the daughter of a disgraced Russian general, and Beria intends to extract a confession from her as well.

She kneels at a table and takes a surprisingly hard slap from Beria. “You bitch, you will moan on this table.” Colonel Jerry is called back in to do the work. “Undress…strip naked.” Potemkina slowly undresses–apron, shift, shoes, socks, and finally bloomers. When she hesitates to drop the bloomers, Beria suggests his entire 250 man staff might be given a crack at fucking her. Down come the bloomers. The actress has a plump and buxom figure, a swelling bottom, a round tummy, very Russian and dramatic for a good whipping.

She is shy and finally naked. Hands-on-head so she can’t cover up, the men are very much enjoying her. Potemkina slides up on the padded table and takes the Russian position. Gerry ties her ankles, wrists, and waist. The film is cut to permit this. She is positioned so she must stare at Beria seated at his desk as Gerry will cane her.

Gerry begins caning and she counts the strokes, about 40. Not too hard at first, but he intensifies, and Potemkina struggles under the slightly loose ropes.

The whipping complete–she hasn’t confessed much other than to assure them she won’t “do anything against our leader.” She must stand naked at the wall and stare at the Lenin banner, hands-on-head, while Beria goes out to dinner. He will come back, and there is the suggestion that there will be a second part to the evening for them.