Amelia Jane Rutherford at DALLASSPANKSHARD

5 May

‘For the First Taste of Real Discipline’ (M/f; time: 37 minutes)
This may be the first film Amelia Jane Rutherford made at DALLASSPANKSHARD. The scene opens with Dallas interviewing Amelia from behind the camera. She sits, shyly and nervously cowering on a couch.

Dallas sets the fantasy. “She has a discipline problem at home and might be able to use my services.” Amelia can’t make eye contact with Dallas. He gets her to acknowledge she knows what Dallas does here. He takes her OTK full length on the couch, flower print dress up, and he begins a warm up spanking–just a little attention-gainer. He spreads some Aloe Vera gel on what buttocks are exposed from her skimpy panties–“This will keep your bottom wet…it stings more.”

He sends her to the corner. “Take off your dress and your underwear…you’ve seen my site. You know what we do.” She unwraps the summer dress and strips off little white boyshorts. She does in fact know how Dallas likes to pose his naked models. She leans against the wall, hands on head, elbows touching the wall, bottom out. Wonderful. He asks her to look to the side at the table where the spanking implements are displayed.

Totally naked now, Amelia returns to an OTK position with Dallas, flashing the teasing frontal, so important a moment in all her films. He begins spanking moderately as they chat. He asks she hold her head up and look into the camera. She struggles seductively and complains. “This isn’t hard. Do you want to see ‘hard’?”

Lovely shots, overheads of her long thin body. Her hair musses, she shows an unhappy face. More gel on her buttocks. Dallas proceeds with a fast handspanking before he stops, winded.

Now Dallas will employ some implements. First a round paddle, then a stiff leather paddle, a leather strap. Lots of rubbing, dialogue, as the spanking progresses. More gel. A wooden ruler, then back to the corner, very naked. The camera zooms on her bruising.

FADE. The spanking is over. Amelia is dressed again, sitting at an angle so as not to press on her buttocks. They discuss the experience and she demurely comments on the spanking tools. “This one was the worst…I didn’t think it would be,” referring to one of the paddles. Dallas thanks ‘Colorado Spankers,’ who supplies him with the naughty implements.

‘I Dream, of Janie’ series

The CP actress/fashion model, all 6’1″ tall and with 38″ hips, made her way to Dallas to make a few films. Here we have a multi-part spoof of the 1960’s television series ‘I Dream of Jeannie,’ a comedy about a U.S Air Force Major astronaut-in-training who discovers a genie in a bottle. We spankos of that age watched the actress Barbara Eden and imagined many a circumstance where a sharp little spanking might have pertained. Eden wore flowing harem clothing, teasing but disguising.

‘The Hair of the Hare’ (M/f; year: 2009; time: 6 minutes). Dallas arrives home in uniform to find his genie ‘Janie’ waiting for him, sitting cross-legged on a table. Her costume is a plausible recreation of the original, and we have the added anticipation that it might be coming off. In the television series, for several years Ms. Eden’s navel was even covered. Janie has blinked a mustache onto the major, even while he attended a meeting, and he is spanking mad.

He forces her to blink it away, but he will live out our fantasy. Janie is going to get a spanking for her naughtiness, which appears to be mostly fine with her. He takes her OTK and pulls her gauzy harem pantaloons down. If there were panties, we didn’t see them. Her bottom is already pink–they got some takes slightly out of sequence. The rest of the short film involves Ms. Rutherford’s soaring bare bottom getting one of his patented spankings on Dallas’ lap. She kicks her bare feet–even sophisticated DALLASSPANKSHARD couldn’t keep the studio floors clean. The oblique angle preferred by Amelia keeps her pretty face and high bottom in the same shot. She feigns discomfort but smiles in satisfaction.

‘Who’s Your Master,'(M/f; year: 2009; time: 5 minutes) Another short and comic episode. The Major speaks down into Janie’s genie bottle. She tampered with his physical exam results, because she does not want him doing dangerous things.

She blinks him down into the bottle. Amelia poses on her harem bed, piled with pillows. On order, she makes a “cobra” dance out of the traditional wicker basket. The cobra is a whip. She is going to get the special attention she deserves.

He pulls her lovely gauzy leggings down of her genie outfit. Bare-bottom, he whips her on the bed. Her little cries hardly disguise that she is getting the attention she sought. “The cobra has spoken.”

‘Paddles and Such-Master’ (M/f; year: 2009; time: 8 minutes) Dallas plays a character other than the major here and seems to have the responsibility of disciplining a disobedient Janie. She sits on a harem-like bed, full of futons and pillows. She wears no pants, just the red top, and continually flashes her little fuzzy Mohawk as she shifts around.

Amelia stands and bends over the bed for a paddling. “You’re getting twelve.” “Of what, that?” The paddle is of the conventional fraternity length, but it has long longitudinal openings which will cause the sensation of a Spencer paddle. Amelia surges and collapses after each stroke. Her bottom, still pink from the first episode in this series, achieves an overall pink. The conventional solid wood fraternity paddle is next, and Ms. Rutherford doesn’t like it any better. She sits cross-legged, genie-like, no pants, at the conclusion.

‘Belt and Tawse’ (M/f; year: 2009; time: 4 minutes) This brief segment involves a leather belt and tawse. The spanking is rapid and continuous in this 4 minutes. Amelia curls up in submission at the conclusion, all bottom on the bed.

‘You’re a Genie, Janie.’ (M/f; year: 2009; time: 5 minutes) Another brief frolic, the air force major (Dallas) is in Janie’s bottle and has her bare-bottom on her bed. She loves it.

He uses a hairbrush here. She borrowed his car and crashed it. (He says she could have used her magic carpet) Good squawking, Amelia always looks great lying on a bed without pants.

‘Razor Strap 1-The Travel Agency’ (M/f; time: 5 minutes). Dallas and Janie sit on her harem bed, where she is regretting she selected the razor strop for her next punishment. It seems she blinked away, “disappeared,” a girlfriend of Dallas’ in his role as the astronaut major. Dallas has reverted to his photogenic shirt collection in this film.

Janie kneels erect on her bed, drops her gauzy pants-bottoms, hands-on-head. Dallas begins with the razor strap. When she can’t hold this gorgeous pose under the strap, he steadies her. Silly but cute. Rear shots and obliques. She collapses when the punishment concludes.

‘The Spanking Hitman’ (M/f; 2013; time: 13 minutes) In the year 2013, we wonder who between these two entrepreneurs hauled their ass to whom. We’ll bet Dallas packed his equipment and flew to Great Britain.

In this simple story, Dallas plays a hitman, hired to kill Amelia, but he would rather spank her. Smart guy, not to let this bottom get out of circulation.

For the entire 13 minutes of the film, Amelia is stretched across a bed, wearing just a gauzy negligee (we didn’t see any panties), while Dallas spanks her exposed bottom and she negotiates maybe an ongoing spanking in return for living on. We didn’t focus too much on the storyline.

There are a few good lines, typical of Ms. Rutherford. As is she sits in her favorite pose, on her haunches on the bed, Dallas offers her a snack. “If I’m going to die I don’t want to eat. And when she squirms away from the first spankings, “I’m not going to be accosted in a hotel room!”

Camera shots from her face side, obliques of her bottom rising from the bed, and some rear shots. It is a playful and harmless episode, of no interest to those who crave severity. It is glamour-shoot spanking, and another fulfillment of the fantasy of seeing tall fashions models get spanked. Somewhere we read Amelia is the fulfillment of a Nicole Kidman without pants.

‘Amelia Jane’s Hardest’ (2017) see separate review

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