Victimized 2 – MOOD

13 May

MF/4f; time: 30 minutes

In the first film, female guards made films of the spanking punishment of errant girls and their men friends, for the viewing pleasure of a kinky Elite Club. Three guards greet the leader of that club, the ubiquitous Mood character ‘Maximillian Lomp,’ in a hooded monk’s robe. This time, he wants some “live action,” and only on uncaned bottoms.

We are not, in general, MOOD PICTURES fans. The models are too much reminders of the brassy strip club scene; they are generally over made-up and unrealistic. The punishments can be contrived and trumped up, in our opinion, sort of LUPUS/RIGIDEAST on steroids. However, the storylines are erotic and fanciful. MOOD does not add that touch insouciant self-mocking humor tracing through some of the other European producers, although there are certainly opportunities to spoof some of the Halloween costuming. But in all the films, we find some redeeming sequence–sizzling spankings, elegant bottoms. We fully appreciate that our preference for the more innocuous vintage British farce is dated and no longer the market.

The scene fades and opens on a naked blonde tied kneeling to the large aluminum rod frame we have seen before. The female guards will take turns whipping her. The hooded guest/master slows the girls down, to increase his pleasure and to extend the blonde’s discomfort. Two attractive guards in naughty outfits each lay on 25 wicked strokes.

A large dark blonde is tied down next–another clear bottom for the Wizard. 40 strokes from one guard, then 10 from the master himself. She quivers and almost collapses.

The third victim for the entertainment is a small brunette, not as much bottom for a target, but no reduction in strokes–20 from one guard and 30 from the monk. The same reflexive quivering.

The last victim, a blonde. 50 strokes also, and some blood is drawn here.

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