Don’t Talk Back – NUWEST NWV-297

18 May

2F/f; time: 18 minutes

A very old NUWEST, and surprisingly severe for them. Two girls confront a third girl with canes at the ready. All three wear matching school pinafores, so we are to believe these girls are prefect-types who will discipline a younger student.

The young blond student is being scolded for talking back, and words won’t be all. In the barren NW studio, she is bent over the back of an armchair, British style. The two older students will alternate caning her, one right-hander and one leftie. The girls alternate six rapid strokes each on her panties, a total of 42 in this first segment. Camera shots from oblique angles and overhead probably permit repeats and obscure details, which were surely necessary in this film.

At the 7 minute mark, the girls pulls the blonde’s panties down and the caning continues. Two more sets of six from each girl, three groups of 12, then a fast 24 from each girl, then a rousing 34 strokes alternated by both of them, from each side of her bottom. All told, about 135 strokes here, impossible without repeats.

Very hard caning, the girl is bawling, at the conclusion her face is wet with tears. An unexpected treasure from NUWEST.

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