18 May

CP actress Niki Flynn, one of the bravest and most inventive, pays her call at BARSANDSTRIPES and goes through the customary series of video appearances for film producer Leia Ann Woods. Niki, with an accompanying teddy bear, will be portrayed as a slightly loopy inmate, who derives some secret pleasure from the succession of spankings which constitute the regimen at this prison.

‘Intake’ (M/f; time: 14 minutes) The conventional ‘intake’ procedure, and the first in this long series of episodes Ms. Flynn filmed with Leia Ann Woods and Michael Stamp. Guard ‘Paul Kennedy’ and the delightfully demonic matron ‘Lucy McLean’ process Niki, whose name has been written on a white board as today’s arrival. They could have set up bleachers.

Niki is hustled in–she is wearing a black top with bare midriff, short skirt, and knee socks. She hugs a teddy bear. Her hair is longer here. Niki is made to toe the tape line while McLean reads out the charges and covers some rules. “You will learn the hard way. I’m going to give you a taste.” Kennedy takes her OTK in a standing position at the desk, skirt up, he bunches her red-and-black panties. Those panties down, he continues. Lucy is stabbing the teddy bear with a pen.

“Now strip. Put these on.” He points to the orange smock and the institutional undies. Niki takes off her top and skirt and Lucy fondles her with fingernails. which Niki does not like. After the smock is on, Lucy reaches under and pulls down the panties. Niki pulls on the issued pair; we don’t see much, but there are many segments to follow.

The guards scream at Niki as she is led away.

Niki Flynn-solitary days 1-3’ (MF/f; year: 2007; time: 14 minutes) Niki is confined to the barren solitary cell with its blanket-covered mattress. On Day 1, guard ‘Stephen Lewis’ is the first visitor. Niki assumes the ‘frisk’ position for a crisp handspanking, on the institutional panties and then on the bare.

Day 2 brings female guard ‘Jean Bradley,’ a resolute spanker of many films, stopping by with the leather sole-strap. She is possibly the hardest of all the spankers at BARSANDSTRIPES.

And on Day 3, Lewis is the bearer of the cane. He takes her panties down immediately and lays on 15 moderate strokes. At the conclusion of each of these sessions, Nike collapses on the mattress, neglecting to pull up her panties, and the camera zooms.

‘Face It-Solitary’ (MF/f; 2007; time: 15 minutes) The filming of the three Solitary days is caught again by a face-CAM, an oblique view of Niki, hands-on-wall, as the spanking, paddling, and caning proceed. All of the BARSANDSTRIPES actresses are attractive enough to merit such attention, the difference for Niki being her acting.

‘Birds of a Feather’ (F/f; 2007) Niki sits on a bare mattress in a sort of medical setting. Guard/matron ‘Lucy McLean,’ a virtual devil at this prison, puts on rubber gloves and turns on some electrical equipment, which makes Niki cringe. McLean turns on a ‘violet wand’ and begins with small shocks to Niki’s legs and thighs as she lies on the bed. “Stop whinging.”

A pause in the wanding, McLean takes Niki OTK for a fast spanking. Orange tunic off, back on the mattress on her back, in just black bra and panties. More wanding. Over on her stomach, panties down, Lucy does not quite do with the wand what you are hoping she will do.

Left alone in the cell, Niki rips open a pillow and fills the scene with feathers. When Lucy returns she is furious about the mess of course. She canes Niki on her bare bottom, hard enough to show white lines.

Guard Stephen Lewis enters this scene and almost forcibly takes Niki away. She is headed for something even worse, we guess.

‘Breaking Silence’ (MF/3f; time: 16 minutes) Niki, with ‘Adele Haze’ and ‘Leia Ann Woods,’ are dressed in prisoners’ smocks, ideal for flashing plenty of panty if one bends over, as you have to do in this prison from time to time. Webmaster Leia plays a trusty here, Niki and Adele are scrubbing an office with toothbrushes as Leia scolds.

A cat fight ensues–the girls wrestle harmlessly. Staff guards ‘Lucy McLean’ and ‘Paul Kennedy’ break it up. the girls are handcuffed, then each is put over the desk, panties down, for a strapping. Niki gets the cane in addition, and matron McLean tears her teddy bear apart before her eyes.

‘Flynn’s Ordeal-The Cross’ (F/f; 2007; time: 14 minutes) The scene opens on a darkened stage, and X-cross spotlit. Niki Flynn is lead into the chamber and to the cross by two guards–Stephen Lewis and Jean Bradley. She is made to strip naked–the orange tunic and black underwear off. She stands on tiptoes on the base of the cross and her wrists are fastened high.

Bradley will flog her with a martinet. Ms. Flynn gives us her little squeals as her back and bottom take on an uneven pinking. Lewis scolds as Bradley whips. Bradley grabs her hair and pulls her head back in one final scold before this session ends.

They leave Flynn fastened and stretched in this uncomfortable position. They’ll be back.

‘Flynn’s Ordeal 2-The Trestle’ (MF/f; 2007; time: 12 minutes) Bradley and Lewis return to the fastened naked Flynn, whose pink coloring seems to have subsided a bit.

They release her and she quickly moves to and bends over a wood trestle–the sawhorse style, but with a wider base and better carpentry. The same darkened stage and spotlit subject do nice things for Flynn’s nudity.

Lewis will use the strap, quickly and hard, bringing the color back to Flynn’s buttocks. She has not been fastened. She manages to hold her pose and keep her legs straight. Bradley takes over and completes the strapping. Great facials and more plausible acting from Ms. Flynn.

‘Backfire 1-Sting’ (M/f; 2007; time: 15 minutes) Ms. Flynn, still incarcerated at the institution, knocks and enters the governor’s (actor ‘Michael Stamp’) office and complains about the “matron,” who she says likes to torture prisoners and has murderd someone. Niki wears the familiar shorty orange tunic which permits easy detection of black panties.

“How dare you!” roars the governor. Niki, quickly back-peddling and apologizing, upzips her tunic and straddles the governor on his lap in an attempt to seduce him. We know he’d like a piece of her (and may well have done so in another film). He throws her on her back on his desk, spreads herlegs, and gropes her boobs.

But he will punish instead. He gets her around the front of his antique desk, tunic up, panties down, a steady handspanking. He threatens to cut her hair with scissors. This humiliation thread is found in Niki’s appearances at LUPUS/RIGIDEAST in Europe a few years earlier. Her hair has grown back.

He has been teasing with the cane, and now is the time. On the bare, about 18 moderate strokes–a general reddening, but no stripes. Good closeups, low shots, facials–Ms. Flynn knows how to behave during a caning.

The governor lets her up, rips open what is still zipped of the tunic, gropes her breasts again and rubs her pussy. She tolerates this then runs off. This will continue.

‘Backfire 2-Playtime’ (M/f; 27; time: 22 minutes) Ms. Flynn has been summoned to the governor’s office again, this time after hours. “This evening, my dear, you are here to see how the governor deals with rehabilitation…I intend to make this enjoyable for me.”

It seems pretty clear Niki is a reluctant but willing partner in what will be “playtime” tonight. First, she bends over the governor’s desk. “Pull down your panties…did you enjoy your visit to the chamber?” He is referring to her nude whipping at the X-cross and trestle.

Panties back up, the governor proceeds with a long whipping with a soft martinet. Niki’s squeals betray her pleasure. She takes her pants down again. Next comes the crop, which leaves a few minor marks. And last, a sole-shaped leather paddle, which achieves some red glow on these famous buttocks.

When the governor is finished, Niki is sent to the corner, pants down, while he completes some work at his desk. We’ve always enjoyed what RIGIDEAST did at this moment in these scenes–a staff member knocks at the door and enters on routine business and is transfixed by the naked red bottom.

After a fade, the governor returns to his office again and finds only the head of Niki’s teddy bear, a final calling card, on his desk. She must be gone, released or escaped, and this was probably the final segment in the girl-in-prison series for Niki.

‘Basic Instincts’ (M/2f; time: 20 minutes) Two stalwarts from BARSANDSTRIPES cast share a cell, wearing the standard orange tunics and black panties. Niki Flynn awakes and climbs down from the top bunk, with her signature teddy bear, to greet her new cell mate, ‘Adele Haze,’ and soon the encounter becomes a lesbian embrace.

The girls caress, kiss, lick feet, begin undressing, and hump each other on the bottom bunk. Spanking scenes are cut into this action. During their passion, they don’t notice guard ‘Stephen Lewis,’ who has crept, paddle in hand, content to watch for a while.

When he screams at the girls, they do the expected recoil. They stand and put their hands on the bunk and Lewis begins paddling both bottoms. The remainder of the film depicts the paddling of the side by side bottoms, pants down, standard stuff. Notably, Niki is so much taller than compact little Adele her bottom soars a foot higher.

(Flynn and Haze) (MF/2f; time: 5 minutes) The two miscreant girls are taken to the office and worked over by matron Lucy McLean and guard Paul Kennedy. Niki is first to be bent over the desk, spanked and whipped. Handcuffs released. Lucy takes some pleasure in pulling her buttocks apart, to Niki’s squeals.

Adele, who has had to watch, is brought out next; Kennedy and Lucy cane her together, while she is bent over, still handcuffed. Lucy has the severed head of Niki’s teddy bear, which she brandishes in Niki’s face.

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