Baroness’ New Housegirls – DREAMSOFSPANKING

20 May

2F/2f; time: 21 minutes

CP actress Pandora Blake’s DreamsofSpanking series and website, here featuring Amelia Jane Rutherford, Caroline Grey, and herself. Short, simple stories.

Amelia and Caroline have been hired by Pandora as house girls, and they report as required in rather impractical long flowing evening gowns. Even though Ms. Blake wrote and directed the piece, you’ve got to think glamour-puss Ms. Rutherford has something to say here.

In these outfits, the baroness has the girls demonstrate their serving skills. The acting is silly–even the girls chuckle at the lines. The baroness will now require the girls to undress. Caroline refuses.

Amelia does not hesitate and eagerly strips naked, the whole purpose of this film. First, she skinnies out of her green silk dress, allowing time for us to absorb the sight. As is frequently the case, she does not wear a bra, only flower print panties, which she pulls down with the fewest fingers needed, to display tawny fuzz. She stands proudly at attention.

The baroness will do some test punishment, part of the employment interview. The naked Amelia rests elbows on a mantel, her lovely face in a large mirror, her bottom thrust out–almost indescribable. Pandora begins a mild tawsing; Amelia smiles in the mirror. Bottom closeups. To the recalcitrant one, “Are you taking notes, Caroline?” Pandora fondles.

It is Caroline’s turn. She must approach the mantel and raises her skirt. “This is the weirdest thing I have ever done.” The tawsing is a little harsher–at least Caroline marks up more brightly, her gauzy white panties pulled down. A nude and smiling Amelia sits on her haunches, one of her signature poses, smiling approvingly. [sirens outside–no studio can avoid this, it seems]

For kicks, she gives the tawse to Caroline to give Amelia a few more stripes. The film ends with more nude posing from Amelia.

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