Best of Jennifer Brooks – NUWEST NWV-379

27 May

MF/mf; year: 2003; time: 30 minutes

About 20 clips of CP actress/producer and porn star ‘Jennifer Brooks’ from her appearances at NuWest, some which we have seen and reviewed. All are performed with the NuWest cast; we will detail a few which tickled our fancy.

Several contain straightforward OTK spankings from Ed Lee, who likes to trap her kicking legs with his.

Ms. Brooks liked to play the domme on occasion; more accurately, it became her preference and extended her career. She, with Julia and Joanne Jameson, Katie, Karen, Amy, or other girls, will flog several naked men, including Ed Lee himself, David, and others. One naked guy develops a healthy erection during his flogging, which throbs visibly, to the delight of the attendant girls.

Jennifer spanks David with evident pleasure in several segments. He tended to get a boner, probably even in the dressing room, so Ms. Brooks is probably aware as he struggles over her lap.

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