Russian Slaves #62 Mr. Beria 2 – NETTLES

27 May

M/f; time: 39 minutes

The second part of this film opens with Soviet security officer ‘Mr. Beria,’ who makes his living tormenting young girls, sitting at his desk. He calls for his assistant ‘Jerry Gerashvilli,’ again. Does he know the prisoner ‘Tatyana Alexsandranova Larina’? The girl has intercepted some mail, and in any case, here is another chance to whale a bottom.

Jerry brings the girl, another stunning auburn haired beauty. The girls in this film couplet have been top notch. Tatyana denies all of course, so Gerry slams her face down on the table–the padded table. She knows what it is used for.

Tatyana is ordered to undress, which she does slowly–same white apron and dark dress as the girl in part 1. This time Jerry attends to her bloomers himself, with undisguised pleasure. A shaved pussy. The two men examine and pinch her boobs. She has to tolerate this, but won’t talk.

She slides up onto the table into position and Jerry ties her as he always does. The tying of the complicated knots is condensed. She is made to turn her face to Mr. Beria (and the camera). Beria hands Jerry a cane, like they do in “England.”

He begins caning Tatyana, moderate but increasingly hard, in sets of three or four strokes. A wonderful soaring bottom. Tatyana hardly moves. About 40 strokes, bottom often full screen.

Again, Beria leaves for a dinner break. Jerry releases Tatyana. She must stand naked, hands-on-head, and “face Lenin,” the patriotic banner on the wall. She didn’t confess. The men will try again tomorrow, and Jerry concludes with a final tweak.

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