Caning of a Young Lady – NUWEST

29 May

F/f; time: 10 minutes

Very old and frumpy format; a woman sits behind the office desk set NW used in the 1980’s; she is lecturing two young schoolgirls and is so uncertain of her lines that she reads from a script on her desk.

Auburn-haired ‘Lisa; stole a watch. “A few red hot stripes on your backside will make you think twice.” No wonder she had to read the script. Who could remember that? Another student, blonde ‘Kimberly’ (Joanne Jameson) is sent to get Miss Watkins and have her bring her cane.

A very young Ann Bowman walks on the set, in the period when she often wore a plaid two piece suit. Without any ado she says, “How many?” “I’ll tell you when to stop.” We’ve catalogued Ms. Bowman at work in other films. She must love such instruction.

Lisa bends over the teacher’s desk and raises her skirt. “Pull your panties down to your legs.” Bowman begins a loud caning on bare skin. About 40 very hard strokes are seen or heard, with opportunities for necessary repeats created by closeups of pal Kimberly wincing, Bowman’s face in the throes of action, and various angles. Some background noises at the studio also betray. But give the girl a break, 40 from Bowman!?

“That will be enough, Miss Watkins.”

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