Hard Business – PAIN4FEM

29 May

M/3f; time: 1 hr. 4 minutes

A long film from P4F, in their familiar format, and beautifully made–lighting, audio, plausible sets, and as always, elegant bottoms on beautiful girls. We like the erotic buildup.

A homeowner (‘Peter Schober’) and his female contractor visit his empty new house, where a female painting crew is at work. They take a little tour and discuss things cosmetic (we assume–there are no subtitles). They leave the girls to work.

The three nubile brunette painters soon resort to horseplay rather than work, and begin smearing blue paint on each other, including buttocks and breasts. Peter returns, spies them, and brings the female contractor back for a confrontation.

The girls are scolded and try to clean up, but this isn’t enough for Peter, always the opportunist. The girls are marched into an adjacent room, where part of a painters’ scaffold stands stagelit, an ominous piece of equipment if you are a P4F advocate. They shiver in fright when Peter brings in an armload of spanking implements.

The girls must be told they are going to be punished, because they hang their heads. Their female boss also has the trace of a sheepish look on her face. Actress ‘Dominika’ goes first. She pulls her shirt over her head and is naked to the waist. She walks to the scaffold frame, raises her arms to grasp it, and is ready. Besides perfect bottoms, P4F likes boobs.

The contractor will flog Dominika first, with a large martinet. The two watching girls quake in fear. Peter soon takes over, and of course he flogs much harder, and much faster. The session ends, an easy one compared to what is coming.

Painter ‘Jane’ is next; she will bend over a table for the cane. She unties and drops her drawstring painter’s pants herself. No thong. The caning is fierce–stripes immediately. Big wild wheals ripen. The third girl, ‘Lucy,’ holds her hands to keep her calm. A nasty caning, with facials, oblique shots, and facials of the suffering spectators.

Lucy is last to be punished, another vicious caning.

At the conclusion, as the contractor and Peter review the three bottoms, a shocked look appears on the contractor’s face. It is not hard to imagine that she has been told it is now her turn.

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