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Russian Slaves #35 – Punished For Infidelity – NETTLES

24 Jun

time: 39 minutes

A father and five daughters, in the usual odd costuming. He has heard that his blond daughter ‘Lybasha’ has been involved in something at a local club and has gossiped about seeing a friend fucking someone in the woods. Father is an intolerant guy, to put it mildly. He jumps her for spreading gossip around the village.

He takes Lybasha OTK in front of their house, pulls up her light summer dress and begins spanking. She has forgotten panties today. Another girl, a sister enjoying Lybasha’s misfortune, holds her down. She is delightful to watch.

The mother joins the scene; Lybasha lies on the ready bench, the mother takes the father’s belt, and the whipping continues. About 60 strokes.

The mother and her daughters confront the mother of the girl seen in the woods. The girl is ruining the reputation of the village. They are going to whip her in front of the village. ‘Christina’ is summoned, and after the suitable amount of yelling (not translated), she is stripped, put on the bench and given the switch.

Later, the group of girls are going to have revenge on Christina themselves. In a field, they jump her, rip off her clothes, and all of them attack her from every angle with switches.

The father arranges for another girl to be whipped–things have gotten confused, we can’t tell who is who. This girl is also stripped and whipped on the bench, earning extras for swearing. It is suggested here that the father is going to whip ALL his daughters, maybe in a sequel.

The remainder of this film contains 5 very short ‘interviews,’ filmed on the porch of the house where the above action took place. Five charming girls introduce themselves, quickly strip naked, parade for a few seconds, then take simple spankings for a few seconds from a NETTLES staffer.

Russian Slaves #34 -Swindler’s Punishment/Bad Habit – NETTLES

23 Jun

M/2f; time: 19 minutes

A surprisingly energetic performance from NETTLES, a larger cast, varied settings, and an attempt at a story. For this plot and some others we have recently reviewed, we suspect the St. Petersburg crew has been watching CALSTAR.

Two shopgirls, ‘Lidia’ and ‘Ketty,’ change into their working smocks. Separately, we see a husband, ‘Illarion,’ (we are at the mercy of subtitle spelling) arrive at the market where the girls work and complete his grocery list. He hasn’t got enough money to cover everything this time; his very organized wife is baffled, discovers that he has been double-charged, calls the store, and at this point one of the cashier’s bottoms should be starting to tingle.

Brunette ‘Ketty’ figured out how to double-ring items and pocket the overage. She ignores pal Lidia’s warnings. Owner ‘Alex’ has had complaints. He catches her on camera, and he and lead saleswoman ‘Mrs. Angella’ confront her. He checks her past and threatens the police. Angella suggests they whip her–it worked on other girls. Ketty consents.

Angella takes Ketty into another storeroom. Ketty eyes a long package she carries. “What are you going to do to me?” Lidia’s boyfriend ‘Jack,’ hovering around the shop, has gotten wind of the whipping and will sneak around and peek (a lot of characters in this film).

There is a whipping bench in the room; the package contains fresh switches. Pants and pantyhose down. Angella slashes very hard and high with the switches, criss-cross welts. Big cuts and follow-through. It seems almost impossible. And you knew it, boss Alex is video-taping this.

Peeping Tom Jack is moving from window to window, right out on the sidewalk amongst passing customers. At least, at LUPUS, when a curious prurient Jack peeks, he does it in the bushes. Gotta chuckle at these Russians.

F/2f; time: 21 minutes
The second part of video #34 contains another fully articulated story, big payroll, several sets, “Bad Habit.” What is going on with these guys?

Stylish-looking girls come from several directions to what looks like a dance class. Seven girls change into exercise costumes, no nudity, this is not punishment. They limber up.

An official-looking instructress leads them through exercises, as if they are preparing for performance. After the workout, the instructress heads for the shower (we’re surprised NETTLES passes on the opportunity for a nude scene). Two girls take advantage of her inaccessibility to grab a smoke, but they are caught.

Smoking is OK for these girls, but not here. It violates fire regulations. She doesn’t want to kick the girls out of the club. “What should I do with you?…the good old-fashioned Russian method!” ‘Lena’ is positioned over a spanking bench. there seems to be one of these pieces of furniture in every room in Russia. TThe other girls hold her down. Bottom bared, the instructress uses the same nasty slashing technique of switching we have described elsewhere.

The second girl is whipped in the same way; she has the delightful trait of raising her hips after each stroke before settling down. Not as long a session for her.

Russian Slaves #32/#33 -Abduction – NETTLES

23 Jun

MF/4f; time: 1 hr, 45 minutes

An actual story, found occasionally separated into its three parts, but most enjoyable if you can watch them together. Character development, you know. English language dubbed narration informs us that innocent Russian girls, coming to Moscow to seek their fortunes, are preyed upon by pimps and tricked into sexual servitude. A time-honored global circumstance for sure, with all the potential for some nasty CP scenario exploitation from NETTLES.

Four girls are met at a riverboat landing by a female ‘pimp’; they drive off with her, apparently quickly convinced and deceived. The deceit is short-lived–they are exposed to a long car ride and are seen desperately peeing in the woods.

Cut to their destination: the girls are cuffed and gagged with duct tape. The scene is the clunky house under construction used in several films. The girls are marched upstairs and thrown face down on mattresses on the floor.

The female pimp pulls the pants down on the first two girls; they must be inspected before they are put to work as prostitutes. The four girls stand one at a time and endure vaginal probing.

Another scene, the girls seem cleaned up and reorganized a bit, their hair down. They are led into another room and told to strip. Not much resistance. The camera pans the naked bodies. A good scene of submission.

The girls will be examined one at a time in a gyno chair to ensure they are ready for the street. Rubber gloves and a dildo size-test. “Who is next in the chair?” The pimp wants to make sure the girls’ sexual responses are active, so she has them masturbate, in line in front of her. And, this being Russia: “Now we work on your assholes…to get ready for the clients.” An electric butt plug will accomplish that.

One girl needs an enema; the pimp fills a large syringe the size of a caulking gun from a beaker of liquid (four times, to a drum roll), then attaches a 12″ thin flexible tube to it and slowly inserts it in a closeup. the girl has to hold it awhile before she is allowed to scamper to a shabby little toilet, so typical of a NETTLES production.

In a new scene, the girls are brought to the male pimp and the call girl thing is explained to them. The blonde is the first to object. “Take her to the bench for a good lesson.” She is tied down real-time by the female pimp, who really knows her knots. Little white shorts down. “40 lashes.” A very hard birching, immediate marks. The guy makes sure her face is to the camera. The subtitles report 70 strokes–you never know. Her bottom is wrecked, very LUPUS, and not what you would do if she were your income-producing working girl, unless you had a big farm system.

The redhead is next, in her orange undies. When she objects to the three-year apprenticeship, she gets the bench and the same horrific whipping. The male actually gives the female pimp a rest halfway through.

These whippings are more advanced than usually seen at NETTLES, although certainly not unique. The third girl, a brunette, is certainly intimidated by the two battered bottoms on display. Her objections are discarded, she is tied down, and her little blue sun suit pants pulled down. (The girls must have brought extra luggage along on the river boat.) She screams more.

And the fourth girl, the biggest bottom. Another donnybrook.

In a new setting, the girls are working; we are in a bar room. The girls are not producing, and on occasion handing out free favors. One girl is made to strip and begin cleaning the floor naked, her bruised bottom quite evident. She is made to stand on a tiny 2′ tall barrel, very uncomfortable, like a statue.

The redhead, fucking for free, is strung up naked for a 24 hour period, stiff and stretched. the blonde is strung up also (she snickers at the dialogue); and the fourth girl is given a cropping on her nipples.

And the last “lesson,” the bastinado for all four girls on the bench. Despite the extensive punishments described above, this appears to be the worst for them. More masturbation, and kneeling painfully at the wall.

Sentenced to Corporal Punishment – MOOD

23 Jun

F/4f; time: 56 minutes

A long and formulaic MOOD production, where we always have the assurance there will be multiple, lengthy and severe punishments.

The film opens in a police van–two manacled and quarrelsome girls are being transported to jail. They are put in a holding cell now containing 6 female prisoners. The two new girls are searched, bent over a table, and felt up, then their pants are pulled down, and with a jerk, we are to imagine the internal inspection has occurred.

At this prison, minor offenses are dealt with in a summary fashion with corporal punishment. Before dawn, the girls in the cell are awakened and ‘Estella Mendez’ is called out. “Your sentence is going to be executed now.” Very intimidating. The girls don’t know when their time is coming. She must strip naked in the cell, in front of the other girls. She is handcuffed and taken away naked, her clothes left behind in a pile. MOOD may be our favorite in presenting these pre-punishment rituals.

Estella is strung up to ceiling chains; her knees and ankles are fastened to a staple-shaped bar rising from the floor, like a bicycle rack. Her thighs are spread. A masked female guard will do the whipping, another female guard will count the strokes. The whipping works south, from the upper back to her buttocks. Ms. Mendez has a hard, athletic body.

They come for blonde ‘Carmen Ortiz’ next; she is stripped and marched to the punishment chamber in the same way. She marks up a little more vividly during her whipping.

FADE to a new scene: two of the incarcerated girls are in conference with a female attorney from their embassy. They hear some bad news. It will take several months to adjudicate their case, and the lady actually recommends they accept corporal punishment and get it over with.

One of the girls asks if they can bribe their way out of this. The attorney explains that there is an expensive ‘Private Institute of Sentence Execution,’ where the whippings are, although very painful, more expertly done and cleaner. The girls opt for that. Warden ‘Maximilian Lomp’ tries to dissuade them from this decision–he surely wants a crack at their bottoms himself.

Another van ride to the Institute. The girls are received–a dour looking matron in a medical dress explains the procedure.

The next scene opens with the first whipping in progress. The naked girl lies on a plank, maybe eight inches wide. Her wrists and ankles are spread and fastened to crossbars at each end of the board, the frame in the shape of the capital letter ‘I.’ A pad elevates her hips and a towel is under her face. Nasty, uncomfortable, vulnerable, exposed, immobile.

MOOD has advanced the art of restraining devices well past some of the earlier carpenter-shop inventions of the trailblazing CP producers. MOOD uses plastic, aluminum, plexiglass, and PVC to come up with the most demonic contraptions you can imagine, worthy of some of the wildest BDSM producers. We chuckle at what might have been discussed in design conferences.

This horizontal frame, 2 feet off the floor, presents challenges for the camera. Overhead shots are needed to view the back and bottom; floor-level facials are easy and spectacular, as are the views between the victim’s legs.

The second girl is whipped in the same way. She screams up a storm. Her boobs hang nicely below the center bar.

The film concludes with a long 10-minute medical treatment of these two girls’ backs and bottoms. We should not forget the remaining two girls in the cell. There will be another dawn.

Russian Slaves #28 – Russian Ballet School – NETTLES

22 Jun

F/f; time: 28 minutes

‘Tanya Ivanova’ knocks and enters a music/dance studio. She is late for her piano lesson, and when her female instructor hears her play, she earns a spanking on the spot. The teacher explains that CP rules apply within the walls of the ballet school and shows Tanya the birch, cane, and paddle which could be used.

Tanya is a tall, leggy, well-stacked, blue-eyed auburn haired sultry project. She preens for the camera, irrelevant to the plot.

“Later”: we convene for the punishment; Tanya dances for the instructor, doing stripper moves instead of ballet. She unfastens her wrap-around skirt and then takes off her blouse–no bra. Just a little black thong and heels–very nice.

After some palm slaps with a tawse, which characteristicaly she doesn’t like any more than do any of the girls, she repositions a desk and lies over it, bare bottom facing us and her face visible in the wall mirrors. The instructor takes her thong down and goes to work with a birch stick–50 strokes. Moderate intensity, but immediate red lines. The woman stops often to caress Tanya’s buttocks. When the 50 are completed, Tanya thinks she is done and tries to pull up her thong. “Don’t pull your panties up. I still have to punish you for dirty dancing.” 20 more strokes, and these seem harder. The instructor moves from side to side to even out the damage.

When Tanya kneels on a chair on display, an oblique closeup shot shows some undeniable welts.

Brenda Gets Revenge – NUWEST NWV-479

22 Jun

F/f; time: 12 minutes

NUWEST informs us this silent film came from their 1979 archives, and they release it for purposes of “spanking memorabilia.”

Twelve marginally unviewable minutes of a naughty brunette being spanked by an older woman. The girl is largely naked for most of the film.

The only notable section for us was some bondage, filmed in the underground “smoker” style, and laughable now, given what harshness and humiliation are available. The girl has been tied naked into the diaper position, her ankles bound together and fastened to a doorknob.

Russian Slaves #31 – Gym Lesson – NETTLES

22 Jun

F/3f; time: 1 hr, 5 minutes

This time the coach is a female; three girls are not performing up to standard, and as we have pointed out before, the Russians have ways of dealing with this. The girls are in full schoolgirl kit–blouse, tie, kilt.

Coach ‘Zana’ wants the girls to change into gym clothes, providing the obligatory (and much appreciated) nudie scene. Then they will face her.

At the ballet barre, the girls begin leg lifts, then drop their shorts and thongs. Three bare bottoms for a coach who seems more than professionally interested. The girls face us, the camera pans their fronts. Star jumps next, tops off, “Run naked until I tell you to stop.” We’ve said many times, there is nothing like nude PT. Lots of jiggle, squats, duck walk, toe touches. The girls seem amused (so far); we certainly are.

But now the punishment begins, the best incentive. Eurasian ‘Tania’ is taken first, naked over two chairs in the Winchester position. This position highlights her charms. After a good caning, she has to kneel on a chair at the mirrored wall.

“Ania’ is next for the chairs. Zana gives her a good whipping, then adds strokes for the tramp stamp tattoo Ania has acquired. The Winchester position provides excellent visibility for both spread thighs and hanging boobs. There are 25 strokes and a few more–the marks seem a bit to vivid for the intensity. Ania kneels with Tania.

Last is ‘Lena,’ on the chairs. Lots of Russian ‘oy’s’ as the caning proceeds. “Shut up, bitch!” Can’t a girl cry ouch? Excellent facials; again the results seem enhanced, but the action is colorful.

The camera pans the three whipped bottoms kneeling at the mirrors, to the chorale soundtrack.

Russian Slaves #30 – Stolen Potatoes – NETTLES

19 Jun

time: 34 minutes + 5 Interviews, 21 minutes

Another attempt by NETTLES to depict a rural environment, although the scene here looks like a residential structure under construction, designed by an architect without a license.

Two girls, dressed all in white, rummage carelessly through a potato patch not their own, stealing a bucketful. A ‘farmer’ and his wife decide to take a peek at the patch. They have lost half their crop, and they suspect girls from “the dormitory.”

The girls are going to take the potatoes back to boil at the dorm and invite their boyfriends over for a meal and sex. The farm couple catch the girls, grab hold of them, and threaten to call the police. The girls beg–no police, they will be expelled from school. ‘Vanya,’ the male farmer, is quick to suggest an alternate–one stroke of the birch on the bare bottom for each girl for each potato in the bucket. No one argues.

They march into the house; a spanking bench is sitting in the middle of the room, with a pillow at the ready. The wife ties the first girl, a brunette, to the bench, taking up real-time to do it. Pillow positioned, she pulls down the girl’s little white shorts and panties. The second girl is secured in a kneeling position at the wall, her dress tucked up and panties taken down in preparation.

The wife begins whipping the girl on the bench -the count begins. When the girl screams out the ‘bitch’ word, she earns extras. the girl takes 50 strokes plus 10 extras. The wife keeps her hair out of her face for the camera. The camera circles- welts and bruises. Chorale music soundtrack.

The girls are switched–it is the blonde’s turn. This time the fastening procedure is condensed. The blonde takes about 48 strokes; tears, red welts look like they hurt to us. Vanya gets to stroke her bottom carefully–maybe this is his deal with his wife, who might benefit later.

Both girls kneel, bare bottoms. No one will be stealing any more potatoes.

Five short interviews, just 4 or 5 minutes each. the girls sit before the camera, answer a few perfunctory questions, then stand and quickly strip naked. In most cases, the girls then put their panties back on and are taken OTK by a NETTLES man, who drops the drawers again. The spankings are brief and not meant to prove anything. The idea is to display the goods.

Russian Slaves #27-School Punishment 2/Roughman Interview – NETTLES

19 Jun

M/3f; M/f; time: 43 minutes

In ‘School Punishments,’ NETTLES again flirts with one of the most delicious of all the schoolgirl scenarios. Three girls, in blouses and kilts, fidget outside an instructor’s office, knowing they are going to be called in and punished.

Teacher ‘Ivan Ivanovich’ calls in little blond ‘Bodrova’ first. She has to knock first, another part of the fantasy. She has been disrupting classes and it is not the first time. Birches soak in brine in the background. She knows she is going to get it–it just a matter of with what and how long.

“Take off your underwear.” Ivan arranges two chairs into the Winchester configuration. “Twenty five strokes of the belt.” Bodrova climbs up, skirt flipped up to expose a bare bottom. Frequent ‘pig’ and ‘bitch’ references in the subtitles. We’d like to think these were the dea of the subtitlers themselves. She gets part way through the belt-count, then lies flat on a table for a birch to finish the count. Blue-eyed facials; zoom on welts and wheals.

‘Popalova’ and ‘Pandrakova’ are brought in from the hall to see poor Bedrova’s circumstance. Both brunettes are doe-eyed beauties, whose silk blouses look busy holding in their charms. Lena Popalova is next. “Take off your panties.” He makes her wash and soap them in the sink. Then he wipes her mouth, hard, with them. We thought he was attempting to gag her, but the scene is chopped and we move on.

Popalova will take 10 strokes on each palm from a strap, despite a bare bottom needing attention. As we have frequently noted, many of these spanking models don’t much care for the palm slap. We can imagine they have toughened up their bottoms over time. Tears. Ivan makes her kneel on the classroom floor and hold textbooks at arms’ length.

Pantrakova, we hope, has appeared elsewhere for NETTLES. Tallest, long pigtails, dancer’s legs, and plenty going on under her blouse, she too gets only palm slaps. She shakes her wrists in pain and blows on her palms, having trouble remaining in position. Her bottom is spared. She joins Popalova kneeling erect on the hard floor, holding textbooks. The girls are allowed to shift their grips in choppy editing.

The film concludes with a short 8-minute interview of ‘Nastasha’ for admittance into NETTLES’ Roughman Club. A bare-bottom strapping on a bench is the admission fee. We will check out a few of these films, but our concentration will be on the story-oriented ‘Russian Slaves’ and ‘Discipline in Russia.’

The Room – CALSTAR

18 Jun

F/2f; year:2007; time: 56 minutes

A silly effort from BJ Frazier, featuring ‘Miss Gemini.’ She narrates the film; she runs an agency where she accepts “boys and girls” who want some punishment. They go to “The Room,’ where all her stuff is, for some “special play.”

‘Krissy’ is on the phone. She needs to come to The Room. The scene is the orange-colored set with it odd wall furnishings, seen in numerous Frazier films. Gemini will work Krissy over in various ways, paddle, strap, cane, crop; various positions American-style.

Day Two here features a visit from ‘Gia Paloma.’ More repetitive and uneventful punishment.