Katie’s Hardest Session – NUWEST

2 Jun

F/f; time: 22 minutes

Given all the ‘sessions’ Katie had at NU-WEST over the years, it is titillating to think this one might be her “hardest,” but we will go with it.

Julia Jameson will do the honors , five different sessions, NU-WEST specialties. The   film opens with Katie across Julia’s lap on the empty soundstage, a hair brush in action. Katie is already stripped down to bustier, garter belt, stockings, and heels, no panties. Julia whales with the brush.

In this segment, she lays on 50 hard strokes of the brush, gives Katie a brief frigging, then counts out 50 more strokes. Julia laughs like she does and Katie does her squeals.

In the next scene, Katie is strapped down over NU-WEST’s padded wedge. Her garter belt is gone, but the accruing marks are the same. We are convinced this is the same session, although there might be a coffee break somewhere along with way. Julia uses a strap here, her high and hard swings. 30 from the strap, a frig, 30 more, another quick frig, and a final 30, much faster.

In the third spanking segment, Katie is on her back in the diaper position, legs in the air. She lies on a small bench with a sloped padded wedge on one end which helps support her lower back to hold position. Julia straps and frigs what Katie has exposed here, which is essentially everything.

The next session is hands-on-knees for the martinet and a good frig, getting her through this ‘hard’ session.

And last, Katie’s hands are cuffed high to a wall hook. here Julia uses the dogwhip, sets of 35, bracketed by frigging.

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