Cult of Discipline – NUWEST

3 Jun

M/5f; year: 1984; time: 28 minutes

One of the earliest NUWEST films we have found, probably made not long after the conversion of the NUWEST 8 MM silent films, and from the look of the cinematic quality, it was produced in Ed Lee’s garage. The story contains the same elements Lee will use repeatedly throughout NW’s existence.

A female reporter, ‘Jennifer,’ has gotten permission to attend a spanking cult initiation. She straps a small tape recorder to her inner thigh. At the cult, the normal NW sound stage, a British guy meets her, explains the cult, and admonishes her no visual or audio recording is permitted.

It seems girls volunteer here for whippings, to test their pain threshold and explore the erotic pleasures attached. The cult master has been busy, he says, whipping twenty girls recently. Three are scheduled for the session Jennifer will observe. The master claims mystical powers which can erase memories, which is why no one knows much about what happens here.

Fade to the whipping room; the sound track is Bach’s famous organ toccata in D Minor. Jennifer stands observing at the wall in street clothes. The master and his ‘sister’ assistant wear blue robes. Three girls, also in simple blue robes, kneel in penitent posture before the padded spanking table. The master lights candles around the room.

The first girl is called forward, a pretty blonde. The film is so washed out we can’t quite identify the actress, possibly an early appearance by one of the famous NW staff? She throws off her robe and is completely naked underneath. She bends over the end of the table and her wrists are tied. The master whips her with a large leather strap; we don’t see all the strokes fall–there are good opportunities here to fake the severity and length of the whipping. But we love the plot, cult whipping initiation of pretty naked girls, a theme which could not be quite actualized in the B movies of the day. Lee gave it a try.

The second girl is called forward, gets naked, for the same procedure. Better facials here.

The third girl, this might be ‘Joanne Jameson,’ same procedure.

At this point, Jennifer’s tape recorder makes a noise and she is discovered. “Strip her!” The girls jump her, the three penitents and the attending Sister. Jennifer is quickly naked over the table and the strapping proceeds. You get the idea she secretly wanted to see what this was like.

For some reason, the Sister becomes excited, strips off her own robe, and throws her naked body over Jennifer to intercept the whipping. We presume she was overcome by all this salacious excitement.

Fade; we see Jennifer in bed naked, on the phone, apparently telling her boss she can’t quite remember what happened, as she rubs re red bottom.

Fun, maybe a bit silly film, but think of all the more ambitious cult whipping films which came later.

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