Executive Whipping with Lilli Xene – NUWEST

5 Jun

M/f; time: 28 minutes

The porn star/stripper ‘Lilli Xene’ made several appearances at NU-WEST, we have reviewed three,  and we’d like to observe that producer Ed Lee had undisguised pleasure in working with her.

A medium-age, short-haired, distinguished, mustached Ed Lee sits at his desk on the office set, on the phone with a customer. One of his employees, ‘Lilli,’ a saleswoman, has fallen down on her job (a soft landing for sure) selling the customer’s product. Lee will take action and calls Lilli in.6DF12CD0-6C26-487A-B053-F8C1A09C6315

She is penitent and has family problems. “I’ll do anything not to lose my job. I’ll take any form of punishment…I understand Mr. Michaels whips his girls. I’ll take a whipping.” Lee is cautious and puts Lilli in the phone with Michaels to insure it’s all voluntary. “I’ll take a whipping, yeah.” Lee loves it; she will be whipped on three separate days, the first one now. But first she is sent to an address to get the whip.


Lilli returns and strips to the waist. The otherwise tiny brunette was famous for her huge boobs, which could easily cause her to lose her balance. She takes off her industrial bra and displays the melons with pride. Ed will lower a chain from the ceiling. He has a little trouble with the remote control, as if this wasn’t rehearsed, which is highly likely. One of those great moments at NW.


Lilli is strung up the chain and he whips her back, loud but kindly. After all, she has another job. He rolls her skirt up to expose full panties. “We can’t forget other parts.”

The next day, Lilli enters, goes to the corner and strips to garter belt and stockings. [airplane flies over-keep shooting] “Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule while I get the punishment I deserve.” She is again fastened to the ceiling chain, this time strappado style. Lee whips her bare bottom.D0700B6D-A192-4F81-B397-6F639B49B080

The third day she is required to fidget in front of his desk, strip naked, and wait in humiliation until he finishes a phone call. Nice. She leans forward, her wrists are tied, and her ankles are tied to the desk legs so that her thighs are spread. He uses a dogwhip as well as the martinet this time, back and bottom. “Yes master, I deserve this punishment.”


The third day is complete, but he has a little surprise for her, since she flattered him with the “master” title. What will that be? Who will surprise whom.

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