Janelle and Heather – WIZARDOFASS

5 Jun

M/2f; Time: 60 minutes

Separately, we are working on a collection of short films from this entertaining producer; this long film needs a separate review.

‘Janelle,’ a tall and attractive pigtailed brunette, creeps into the studio. She wears a short cheerleader’s skirt, and a cutoff sweatshirt, no bra, and only a nude thong we can’t see yet, despite up-skirt camera shots.

She has come to the punishment room to ask the master (producer ‘Andre Chance’) to put in a good word for her with her coach, with whom she is having troubles. In return, Andre will extract some pleasure from Janelle, which seems quite OK with her. She expected this and came dressed for it.

First, she must bend over for Andre to begin spanking with a strap. Down comes the nude thong. Throughout the film, Andre will lead, tease, and torment Janelle in various humiliating postures. Her top is off now, she will be stark naked for the rest of the film. She kneels on a chair for more spanking, then leans over, head to floor, bottom up. He uses a spanker and a cane. Mild, because this is a long film. Kneeling and crawling on the floor.

Andre helps Janelle into one of those hanging sex chairs, made of cloth straps, designed to expose everything a girl has to offer. Her legs are spread with her feet in loops, her bottom hangs out, and her breasts are easily reached. To further expose her, Andre handcuffs her wrists under her as she hangs. She is quite enjoying all this.

Andre first inserts a suppository, slowly and intimate closeup. He whacks here and there with a spanker–snap, snap. He wheels over the enema trolley, but first we need a body temperature. He lets her lubricate a thermometer in her mouth, then inserts it so slowly into her anus, and then, BACK IN HER MOUTH! What a guy.

He fills the enema bag within her vision, then lubricates her anus with a stick of butter. He inserts a thin nozzle, but a long one, maybe 18″, which he works at, in and out, to delightful little gasps from Janelle, the best part of the film for us. He allows her to evacuate (clear) into a plastic tray. Then, carefully, released from the chair, she runs to the toilet.

A second girl knocks and enters the studio, ‘Heather.’ She is part of Management and will help with Janelle. She is tall and thin, wearing a short strapless dress and platform heels. She like what she sees of the naked Janelle, with her rosy red bottom, mussed hair, and flushed cheeks. “Hi, cutie.”

She will join in tormenting Janelle; Andre will gradually tease her clothes off also, and the rest of the film will devolve into a pile of flesh, two naked girls having fun with each other and being manipulated by Andre. As always, lots of bottoms.

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