Fraternity: Irelynn Logeen – Intake – BARSANDSTRIPES

7 Jun

MF/f; time: 16 minutes

In the faux stone dungeon room the stunning redhead ‘Irelynn Logeen’ is given her Intake initiation by guards ‘Stephen Lewis’ and here also ‘Miss McGhee.’ Irelynn wears just jeans and T-shirt, less formal than most of the girls who have to stand in front of this desk.

“Is this your first Intake?” Lewis explains the rules and female guard McGhee looks ready to pounce at the slightest hesitation. Irelynn is forced over the desk, McGhee holds her down. Lewis straps her on her jeans, but when he feels she isn’t getting the message, he pulls the jeans down and soon the nifty striped panties will follow. There is that pale Irish bottom, already taking on some color.

McGhee takes over the strapping, and SHE does the panties. Why do women love this so? She gets her uniform and is marched off.

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