Russian Slaves #9 Gym Class/In the Forest – NETTLES

7 Jun

M/2f; M/2f; Time: 50 minutes

More fun and improbable stuff from St. Petersburg and Moscow, the fulfillment of a spanko’s imagination.

Two girls up against the gym teacher or coach. There is a lot of spanking and carrying on in this series in a mirrored workout room or this large gymnasium. A blonde and brunette have not been performing (we know what the Russians have done to Olympians over the years); they must strip naked, which they do slowly. They lie on gym mats, raise their legs, and the coach does bastinado on the bare soles. He breaks his ruler, so he continues with his belt.

Next the girls do pushups, not all that well, but we’re OK, because they are naked but for panties. Back on their backs, they must hold their legs locked straight upward. A snap of the belt ensures compliance.

Next comes a single-person trampoline, one of the greatest of exercises on film for a young lady without any clothes on. The girls take turns– we admire their full bushes and round bottoms. The next exercise involves jogging in a circle, another cute maneuver leaving nothing to the imagination, and there is the jiggle. March in place. Back to back, rocking, elbows locked together–this is for the stomach muscles.

After this nudie stuff, the punishment begins. The brunette is not so eager to be tied down on a bench. Film condensed to get it done. Leather strap. Very hard spanking–tears, big marks, maybe some help from the makeup department. The blonde is next on the bench, with an already bruised bottom. She is already crying before it begins. She doesn’t have to be tied.

The final segment of the film, ‘In the Forest,’ finds ‘Fedor’ coming upon two girls resting on a blanket in a small clearing. It seems they are lost, 15 km from the nearest village. As happens in these Russian films, Fedor could help them but will take this opportunity and give both girls spankings. Let them scream all they want.

He pulls a knife, slaps their faces, which melts their resistance as they are ordered to strip naked. Both girls pause at bra and panties, but after some shouting, they get naked. [we hear the director’s voice, as often happens.] He has the girls dance nude then do a few exercises. The girls lie on their backs and spread their legs. He inserts a butt plug in one girl–he must have been carrying it today, just in case.

After some crawling on all fours on the rocky forest floor, we move to the next logical step in the woods. After a cut, one girl has been tied to a tree, a pad protects her from the bark. This equipment just materializes. Fedor uses a switch, and the girl is shocked by the first stroke. Tears, mascara runs. Brunette ‘Tanya’ is next at the tree, and she doesn’t like the switch any better.

Red welts, quivering, a hot birching for us. The strokes look real to us, including the wrap-arounds on the flanks. “You will learn not to walk alone in the woods.”

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