Amelia Jane Rutherford – Safe House – FIRMHAND

9 Jun

‘Safe House’ (A)(M/f; year: 2014; time:10 minutes) ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ plays a material witness who has been cloistered in a safe house until she can testify, and police officer ‘Earl Grey’ will use traditional methods to discipline her into understanding the importance of her protection.

Immediately, Amelia wants out of the locked house to go home and get a supply of clothing for this sequester. You know she needs a lot, especially in the panty department. She is wearing a white blouse and form-fitting red latex skirt. As she moves around the house, she appears to be at least 6″ taller than Grey.

Grey grabs her, throws her over a couch arm, and begins the first spanking of the series. “I will show you who is boss, who is in control!” “Get off me. You’re breaking my arm…you’re not allowed to spank me.” He uses one hand to pin her wrists and the other to spank.

Skirt up, pantyhose. The pantyhose down, Grey carefully preserves little black panties, which soon come down, to Amelia’s prototype indignant cries. She suggests, “Oh, if you spank me, I can go home?” Lots of arguing and upscale banter, typical of Ms. Rutherford. Great facial, soaring bare bottom.

“OK, OK. I’ll stay.” When she is allowed up, she goes searching for a room to select.

‘Safe House’ (B) (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Amelia tries to leave again to buy some clothes. This gives Grey another chance, she goes over the couch arm for another spanking on that latex skirt. This time, when Grey rucks it up, there are no panties. “What is this?” That’s what she needs to buy.

Great facials; low shots and high views of the spanking, buttocks theatrically lit. Usual literary banter. He rubs and caresses. Amelia: “Stop doing that!” Is she convincing? She argues–he should spend more time chasing criminals and less time spanking her. Fetish-like shots of her kicking her bare feet. Grey takes her wallet–there will be no shopping. She stands and yanks down her skirt–the first view of her trim little beaver cut.

Safe House (C) (M/f; year: 2014; time: 9 minutes) Detective Earl Grey has caught his charge Amelia making a cell phone call, even though it was just to the supermarket. When Amelia is rude, disrespectful, and insulting, Grey has another opportunity to help himself to her bottom.

Amelia is wearing a short  terrycloth robe, which in CP movies always alerts us as to what might be underneath, if anything. “Cancel that delivery,” Grey orders.

Over a kitchen stool she goes, as if she was waiting for the direction. Robe up, no panties. “I need panties!” she wails.

Grey will smack her with a kitchen spoon. She gasps at the sharp stinging snaps, while keeping up the over-the-shoulder banter found in all her films. “God, that hurts!” It’s beautiful. Low shots of the spanking, some puss, full-screen bottom. When she rubs her bottom, we see her wedding ring.

Upstairs she goes, slowly, knowing how important this view is in a CP film.

‘Safe House’ (D) (M/f; time: 8 minutes) This time we find Amelia dressing for a court appearance, stunning from head to toe as usual. She tries to open the drapes in the bed room she is assigned in the safe house. Detective/watchdog Earl Grey is furious at this security breach, they tussle playfully, and soon she is into the spanking position on the bed. In this scene, we get a quick glimpse and see that Rutherford must 6 to 8 inches taller than Grey.

Flat on the bed, he is going to strap her until she calms down. Skirt up, a little black thong. The spanking is filmed from the rear, facials, and overhead. After Grey is finished, Amelia goes submissively to the window and slowly closes the drapes, giving us a gander at her red bottom.

‘Safe House’ (E) (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Amelia Jane is doing the most provocative yoga exercises, right in front of Earl Grey, who is trying to read, but he can’t avoid seeing Amelia’s bottom festooned in the center of the room. She is wearing pale-blue lululemon-like pants, which barely cling to her hips, with the suggestion they will fall down at any moment.

Grey can’t take it any more and will spank her, which is what she must have wanted; he grabs her OTK, securing her by the hair. Her yoga pants could fall at any second. He begins with a handspanking but reaches for one of those effective long-handled bath brushes. Amelia gives us her classic shocked face when she feels the brush. The pants come down, Grey keeps smacking until the round paddle bruises appear.

Back to his book, Amelia must remain bent over, grabbing ankles, pants down, knees locked, in the center of the room. This is probably a yoga posture in somebody’s book somewhere. Grey’s reading material is hopefully on the light side.

‘Safe House’ (F) (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Amelia is caught on her cell phone, talking to her brother. Another security breach! Grey enters with an absolutely huge paddle. Amelia’s eyes pop when she sees it. “What the hell is that….it looks like a bread board.”

She is ordered to bend over the foot of the bed. She wears a magenta top and loose carpenter’s jeans. It is infrequent that Ms. Rutherford’s bottom is not carefully outlined by whatever pants she has selected from her wardrobe warehouse.

Grey lays on 12 fairly hard strokes with the paddle. Ringing cracks. The jeans remain in place and all the loose cloth comes in handy. You knew she would–when the paddling is complete, Amelia drops the jeans and panties and allows us to examine her red bottom with her.

‘Safe House’ (G) Amelia, in a court appearance, went unescorted to the ladies’ room and was approached, jeopardizing the security this ‘safe house’ tries to provide her, as a material witness. The gangsters are after her.

Detective Grey is upset with her, furious. and that means a spanking. Amelia, in this episode, wears her long blond hair braided, and a white lace-trimmed blouse. “Turn over, bend over, I am going to trash you.” She has been lolling on the bed in the blouse and perfectly fit bright yellow panties.

Grey will use his belt, panties down, overhead shots, writhing bare feet, soaring bottom as always. Ms. Rutherford’s appearance, from her early GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL films to this current 2015, continues to thrill us. In addition to being a God’s Child, we can imagine the amount of time she must spend in the gym.

Grey whales with the belt. FIRMHAND usually notes the number of strokes in the opening credits–46 here. Red face, tears, wonderful facials with the belt falling in the background. She is left bare-bottom to sob and contemplate, but she will be in trouble in the next episode.

‘Safe House'(H) (M/f; year: 2015; time: 11 minutes) Detective ‘Earl Grey’ catches Amelia on her cell phone, making plans. She lies in the tub, fully on display. Grey bursts in. “What are you doing? I’m having my bath.” He warns her of the danger of her calls being traced, of making plans at this juncture, etc. As usual, the easiest way to make his point is to give her a spanking.

He takes his belt off and orders her to stand; there is less protest than you might expect. Her bonding with Grey is in full swing. She stands in the water, looking seven feet tall, and providing us little glimpses. She bends over, resting her palms on the tub rim, keeping her locked, presenting her fantastic tush full-screen.

Grey lays on over 40 belt strokes; there are moments of complaint and pleading, as she keeps up the banter in her style. Full rear shots, overheads, and the frontal angle, followed by some slo-mo repeats.

Safe House (J) (M/f; year: 2015; time: 7 minutes) Detective Grey catches his charge Amelia sneaking out of the house. He jumps her roughly, to illustrate what could happen if the gangsters looking for her came along. She is wearing a simple summer print dress, and we have come to expect, very little else.

Grey marches her back inside, gets his cane; “Spin that chair around, bend over…raise skirt…these down (sky blue panties)…you’re going to get 12.”

A good loud caning, Amelia squawks with the best of them. Low shots of her bending over–those legs! She certainly must have had a sore bottom most of the time she spent at the safe house, attention she surely sought. She apologizes and they hug.

‘Safe House’ (K) (M/f; year: 2015) The transformation is complete; the trial is over, Amelia has left the airline and joined the police force herself, and her bonding with detective Earl Grey is complete.

They have returned to his apartment; Amelia wears a long black dress and flaunts herself seductively. After all, he has already had her clothes off numerous times. Grey wonders what she thinks of being a policewoman. She admits it involves “a lot more…discipline.” Grey spots a cane they first used, still under the couch.

Amelia confesses she has been naughty still and maybe one more caning will be merited. She takes off her black dress; we didn’t see where her panties went, but they are gone. Black bra, garter belt, and stockings and a flash of her little Mohawk. She places her hands on a table, and Grey begins hard snaps of the cane -20 in hall. Her bottom again fills the screen, and there is a trace of pinkness.

Amelia cries loudly as usual, but she is loving this. Little white lines appear. She shivers in pleasure when Grey traces the lines with a fingertip. At the conclusion, she looks back at the damage. “Oh, my goodness, those are massive marks.”

“Didn’t your bedroom used to be down here?” She sashays her bare bottom through the hall and into the bedroom, and sits on the bed. He follows, and closes the door.

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