More of Soccer Girls – NUWEST FD-381

10 Jun

2F/f; time: 18 minutes

A NUWEST sequel, not that we were waiting for one. ‘Jodi Cline’ and ‘Katie’ in their soccer uniforms, have a naked male, the girls’ “cousin,” tied to a post on the patio/lanai of the NUWEST studios. Jodi takes off her soccer shorts–her blouse hangs so low we will have to wait to see what she wearing underneath. Katie pulls down the guy’s shorts. Jodi does the running/slashing whipping routine. [we are in the flight path again, we hear]

Dissolve; the guy now lies naked on a short bench, his hands cuffed underneath it. Katie dances around him, flashing and cupping her boobs. “Didn’t you ever want these?” We’d say, at this moment, the guy doesn’t want much of anything except out of there. Katie takes her shorts off and sits on his face. He is getting an erection. “Something’s changed!” she observes.

Katie puts a condom on him then climbs on and fucks him, a relatively rare sex scene for her. “I have an even bigger surprise for you than this,” she says. We can imagine a bigger surprise. More face sitting. “Two cousins from hell, all night,” the girls laugh.

We guess the “surprise” is next. Katie gives him a golden shower from the beer she has been chugging during the scene.

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