Russian Slaves #23 -Punishment of Unfaithful Lesbians – NETTLES

15 Jun

F/2f; time: 42 minutes

NETTLES certainly was not embarrassed about their film titles. Blond ‘Olga’ and blue-eyed brunette ‘Tanya’ are on a couch, going at it full-time, pretty much naked. A third girl enters and breaks up the action. We are guessing that the third girl and Tanya are lovers, and now Tanya must be punished for this transgression.

Olga is naked, and shaved bald. Throughout the film, she will glance at the camera crew and director, often as if to say “are you enjoying me naked here?” She helps the lady move the heavy spanking bench into the middle of the room, then stands to the side, hands-on-head, facing us, bare and pink.

Tanya is tied down on the bench, in real-time here. Her upper torso is loosely enough fastened that her breasts will bob about as she is whipped. Her lover begins with a switch. There will be 35 strokes. “You must bear the pain, bitch.” Red face, tears, mild marks develop, she cries and actually begins slobbering. She can’t wipe her face. On of the better crying faces we have seen. He bottom is swollen with wheals, stripes, and a few skin pops. During the caning, someone thought her hair was getting in the way of her tear-streaked face, so it was pinned up, and then that clip disappears when strokes are repeated from different angles.

Tanya is released and blond Olga takes her place. She wears more glamorous eye liner than you usually see. She is wonderful to contemplate. She will not be whipped. She is tied face-up on the bench and given the conventional session with clothes pins, which she seems to enjoy. Tanya’s whipped bottom remains in the background in the shot.

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