16 Jun

MF/6f; Time: 48 minutes

Another bizarre spanking spectacular from MOOD, the storyline may be a bit challenged, with actor ‘Maximillian Lomp’ playing a doctor-character more of a punishment specialist than a medical man. The MOOD bottoms are first-class, as always.

Familiar female actresses have gathered. They wear exaggerated prison stripes. “So girls, let’s see who has the biggest nipples.” Six girls take off their tops–no one wears a bra in this concentration camp. The female guard goes from girl to girl, tweaking boobs and making comparative remarks. Something for everyone in this scene, an oblique of six gorgeous topless girls.

The girls drop the bottoms of their pajama-like suits. All are now naked–they try to cover themselves. The guard now does a vagina check. This female guard seems to have arranged to remove one of the girls from this recent prisoner “shipment” for her own use. The girls will now be taken to “Joseph.”

Fade to the barracks. Dr. Mengele selects one of the prisoners as a “capo,’ and then selects a blonde for a whipping, to show the girls how punishment is done. The blonde is stripped naked then strung loosely by wrists and ankles to two bunk beds. Mengele lays 40 strokes of a whip on her back only. She is an attractive figure, struggling naked full screen. The prisoner/capo is ordered to give the blonde 10 more strokes, but when she refuses, she is taken away to be whipped herself.

Cut to a new scene–Mengele and one of the female guards are making eyes at each other when two prisoners are brought in–caught stealing food. “Have them whipped.” In the punishment room, both girls receive the conventional fierce MOOD whippings on a frame, 40 strokes each. We are led to understand they are then taken to the gas chamber, but we would have recommended they be dropped off at the Officers’ quarters.

In a final whipping, as if we haven’t seen enough, another naked prisoner gets 50 strokes for being caught having sex in the office.

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