16 Jun

F/2fm; time: 24 minutes

Amelia Jane Rutherford, Caroline Grey, and Will Savage play sisters and brother, under the supervision of house mistress Pandora Blake. They are arranging a dinner party, and the three of them attempt to send invitations to men and women completely unsatisfactory to their father.

Pandora intercepts and stops the operation, and of course there needs to be some punishment, so all three will be spanked. It was their party, why couldn’t they invite who they want? They will be caned. “You wouldn’t dare.”

Amelia goes first, not resisting much. She is wearing her Edwardian threads from another film. She bends over a table, raises her skirts and opens her bloomers. Pandora lays on 12 strokes of the cane, so mild they hardly make a sound. Caroline is caned next–and again, her bloomers seem to open wider. She is bruised a little from another occasion. Another silly caning.

Will Savage is caned next, and goes to some length to keep his jewels from being seen. The girls, bottoms bare in background, watch his bare butt with some fascination but don’t show any emotion.

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