Russian Slaves #26 – Cruel Father/School Punishments – NETTLES

16 Jun

F/3f; time: 50 minutes

We detect a lot of British influence on NETTLES productions–that was likely an important customer. A school Director waits in his office, limbering up his arms, birches soak in a bucket behind him. It must be that time of the week.

A female ‘counselor, ‘Miss Chadkaya,’ reports; she has 8 students which need to be whipped, and seeks his “execution” (authorization). They decide three of the worst offenders will be punished today, and because he has an appointment, she will do the deeds. The camera lingers on the young counselor’s face–she looks sultry enough herself. In fact, the Director remarks he has not been happy with HER, but he will deal with that on another day.

Three girls report to Chadkaya; instead of the customary cliché kilts and blouses, this time the girls wear high-necked, lace-trimmed, three-quarter length dresses, certainly harder to remove but more formal. For short-brunette ‘Aleksandrova,’ she will get 36 strokes for this her first offense, but for brunettes ‘Belskaya’ and ‘Tokereva,’ recidivists, it will be 48 strokes.

Aleksandrova first–the whipping bench and birches are visible. She is held down by the other girls; 36 strokes on her bare bottom. Chadkaya uses an unusual slashing follow-through, swiping the birch off the bottom, across the flanks, to the floor. Ouch. This is going to produce more novel stripes on the flanks. There is likely a good reason you won’t see any other disciplinarians use this style.

Tokereva is next–she pulls her dress up and panties down; she surges her bottom up after each stroke, very erotic. Chadkaya changes switches, and there we see the anticipated flank stripes. She also changes sides, distributing equal attention to the near and far buttock.

Belskaya last–she is in tears before it starts. Many of her strokes are seen from the facial angle only, and her marks seem enhanced; did she chicken out a bit? Understandable.

An unrelated segment follows, ‘Cruel Father,’ more plot and format similarity to the British library. While we enjoy these schoolgirl and parlor room spankings, we are always awed by the Russians’ own bizarre investigation of their own fetish fantasies. Actor ‘Gerry,’ a/k/a ‘Sergey,’ awaits daughters ‘Luda’ and ‘Tanya,’ who have missed their curfew.

He confronts the girls when they arrive; they will both be punished now. Blond, blue-eyed ‘Tanya’ first. She drops her pants and he pins her standing between his legs, giving him an eyeful of her femininity as he scolds. He smacks her bottom; Luda snickers at the dialogue.

Tanya must strip, which she does quickly, with a glance at the director. OTK naked, conventional spanking.

Luda next, same humiliation between Sergey’s legs. “Take off your pants, bitch.” She is tied down on a bench (condensed), a pillow under her hips. He uses a belt, 57 strokes! In the background, we catch a glimpse of a female sitting at a desk with notes in front of her. Is this the ‘mother’ or crew? Belt ridges and telltale shaped bruises. Blond Tanya keeps looking at the crew.

Both girls kneel naked and erect at the wall, up on the bench, but they are allowed to lean.

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