Russian Slaves #30 – Stolen Potatoes – NETTLES

19 Jun

time: 34 minutes + 5 Interviews, 21 minutes

Another attempt by NETTLES to depict a rural environment, although the scene here looks like a residential structure under construction, designed by an architect without a license.

Two girls, dressed all in white, rummage carelessly through a potato patch not their own, stealing a bucketful. A ‘farmer’ and his wife decide to take a peek at the patch. They have lost half their crop, and they suspect girls from “the dormitory.”

The girls are going to take the potatoes back to boil at the dorm and invite their boyfriends over for a meal and sex. The farm couple catch the girls, grab hold of them, and threaten to call the police. The girls beg–no police, they will be expelled from school. ‘Vanya,’ the male farmer, is quick to suggest an alternate–one stroke of the birch on the bare bottom for each girl for each potato in the bucket. No one argues.

They march into the house; a spanking bench is sitting in the middle of the room, with a pillow at the ready. The wife ties the first girl, a brunette, to the bench, taking up real-time to do it. Pillow positioned, she pulls down the girl’s little white shorts and panties. The second girl is secured in a kneeling position at the wall, her dress tucked up and panties taken down in preparation.

The wife begins whipping the girl on the bench -the count begins. When the girl screams out the ‘bitch’ word, she earns extras. the girl takes 50 strokes plus 10 extras. The wife keeps her hair out of her face for the camera. The camera circles- welts and bruises. Chorale music soundtrack.

The girls are switched–it is the blonde’s turn. This time the fastening procedure is condensed. The blonde takes about 48 strokes; tears, red welts look like they hurt to us. Vanya gets to stroke her bottom carefully–maybe this is his deal with his wife, who might benefit later.

Both girls kneel, bare bottoms. No one will be stealing any more potatoes.

Five short interviews, just 4 or 5 minutes each. the girls sit before the camera, answer a few perfunctory questions, then stand and quickly strip naked. In most cases, the girls then put their panties back on and are taken OTK by a NETTLES man, who drops the drawers again. The spankings are brief and not meant to prove anything. The idea is to display the goods.

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