Three Girls in Trouble – XEROTICS

22 Jun

M/3f; time: 20 minutes

We are not sure of this title or the identity of the producer, and we would be happy to accept a prompt from a reader. We have tried to track down every trace of the actress ‘Niki Flynn’ we can find.

Niki and three other girls shiver outside in the wind, on the grounds of the familiar mansion set, waiting to be called in for discipline. They wear detailed schoolgirl kit–grey cardigan, grey plaited skirt, blouse, cravat, knee socks.

Blonde ‘Jones’ enters first and is quickly over the desk. Peters  pulls her knickers down for a handspanking. She has a significant tramp stamp tattoo at the base of her spine. On to the cane, about a half-dozen, touching toes, mild, but sniffles.

Niki is called in next; she hangs her head and shuffles from one foot to another, a submissive gesture she frequently employs. In this film, her hair is reddish and short, and we will be seeing that fading bruise again, left over from another excessive encounter, which we have not found yet.

She bares her bottom herself, bends over for a handspanking , then touches toes for the cane, but not before she steps out of the constricting knickers. About 10 moderate strokes, theatrical yelps from this experienced warrior, and little white lines.

Curly-haired brunette ‘May.’ cute with her eyeglasses, is third to be spanked. Peters  lifts her skirt, pulls her full white knickers down, then handspanks and straps her.

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