Russian Slaves #28 – Russian Ballet School – NETTLES

22 Jun

F/f; time: 28 minutes

‘Tanya Ivanova’ knocks and enters a music/dance studio. She is late for her piano lesson, and when her female instructor hears her play, she earns a spanking on the spot. The teacher explains that CP rules apply within the walls of the ballet school and shows Tanya the birch, cane, and paddle which could be used.

Tanya is a tall, leggy, well-stacked, blue-eyed auburn haired sultry project. She preens for the camera, irrelevant to the plot.

“Later”: we convene for the punishment; Tanya dances for the instructor, doing stripper moves instead of ballet. She unfastens her wrap-around skirt and then takes off her blouse–no bra. Just a little black thong and heels–very nice.

After some palm slaps with a tawse, which characteristicaly she doesn’t like any more than do any of the girls, she repositions a desk and lies over it, bare bottom facing us and her face visible in the wall mirrors. The instructor takes her thong down and goes to work with a birch stick–50 strokes. Moderate intensity, but immediate red lines. The woman stops often to caress Tanya’s buttocks. When the 50 are completed, Tanya thinks she is done and tries to pull up her thong. “Don’t pull your panties up. I still have to punish you for dirty dancing.” 20 more strokes, and these seem harder. The instructor moves from side to side to even out the damage.

When Tanya kneels on a chair on display, an oblique closeup shot shows some undeniable welts.

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