Russian Slaves #31 – Gym Lesson – NETTLES

22 Jun

F/3f; time: 1 hr, 5 minutes

This time the coach is a female; three girls are not performing up to standard, and as we have pointed out before, the Russians have ways of dealing with this. The girls are in full schoolgirl kit–blouse, tie, kilt.

Coach ‘Zana’ wants the girls to change into gym clothes, providing the obligatory (and much appreciated) nudie scene. Then they will face her.

At the ballet barre, the girls begin leg lifts, then drop their shorts and thongs. Three bare bottoms for a coach who seems more than professionally interested. The girls face us, the camera pans their fronts. Star jumps next, tops off, “Run naked until I tell you to stop.” We’ve said many times, there is nothing like nude PT. Lots of jiggle, squats, duck walk, toe touches. The girls seem amused (so far); we certainly are.

But now the punishment begins, the best incentive. Eurasian ‘Tania’ is taken first, naked over two chairs in the Winchester position. This position highlights her charms. After a good caning, she has to kneel on a chair at the mirrored wall.

“Ania’ is next for the chairs. Zana gives her a good whipping, then adds strokes for the tramp stamp tattoo Ania has acquired. The Winchester position provides excellent visibility for both spread thighs and hanging boobs. There are 25 strokes and a few more–the marks seem a bit to vivid for the intensity. Ania kneels with Tania.

Last is ‘Lena,’ on the chairs. Lots of Russian ‘oy’s’ as the caning proceeds. “Shut up, bitch!” Can’t a girl cry ouch? Excellent facials; again the results seem enhanced, but the action is colorful.

The camera pans the three whipped bottoms kneeling at the mirrors, to the chorale soundtrack.

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