Kelli-Raye’s Revenge – NUWEST

23 Jun

F/f; time: 24 minutes

A fun time from two of NUWEST’s most popular and prolific actresses. ‘Julia Jameson’ drags ‘Katie’ into the implement-stocked punishment room. She will be dealt with. She is ordered to strip; as many times as we have seen Katie do this, her tight little body never fails to energize us.

FADE. Katie is naked, on her back on a low sloped bench, her ankles cuffed and strung up so that she is on display in the diaper position, wrists chained to the frame. ‘Kelli-Raye’ bounds onto the set. she is angry. Katie took her “submissive away from me.” You never can know what girls will fight over.

Kelli strips to bra, panties, and heels, and begins the standard circling, prancing, scolding and whipped procedure, using the martinet on Katie’s bottom and thighs. Kathie is actually strung up loosely enough that she can pull away from the martinet, but she plays along and keeps her bottom foremost. But here, Kelli-Raye stops periodically to sit on Katie’s face. Little gasping cries from under the satin panties. Back and forth, whipping and squatting.

Kelli torments her, “I heard you say, ‘I have a better ass than Kelli-Raye’s.'” “I never said that…you have the best ass!”

“You need more face smothering.” Soon, she takes off her bra, and, we’ve been waiting–the panties. But she doesn’t sit on Katie’s face long enough for anything to get going–which is not what NUWEST did in these years, but we get the idea. Great girls, a screen full of pink.

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