Russian Slaves #32/#33 -Abduction – NETTLES

23 Jun

MF/4f; time: 1 hr, 45 minutes

An actual story, found occasionally separated into its three parts, but most enjoyable if you can watch them together. Character development, you know. English language dubbed narration informs us that innocent Russian girls, coming to Moscow to seek their fortunes, are preyed upon by pimps and tricked into sexual servitude. A time-honored global circumstance for sure, with all the potential for some nasty CP scenario exploitation from NETTLES.

Four girls are met at a riverboat landing by a female ‘pimp’; they drive off with her, apparently quickly convinced and deceived. The deceit is short-lived–they are exposed to a long car ride and are seen desperately peeing in the woods.

Cut to their destination: the girls are cuffed and gagged with duct tape. The scene is the clunky house under construction used in several films. The girls are marched upstairs and thrown face down on mattresses on the floor.

The female pimp pulls the pants down on the first two girls; they must be inspected before they are put to work as prostitutes. The four girls stand one at a time and endure vaginal probing.

Another scene, the girls seem cleaned up and reorganized a bit, their hair down. They are led into another room and told to strip. Not much resistance. The camera pans the naked bodies. A good scene of submission.

The girls will be examined one at a time in a gyno chair to ensure they are ready for the street. Rubber gloves and a dildo size-test. “Who is next in the chair?” The pimp wants to make sure the girls’ sexual responses are active, so she has them masturbate, in line in front of her. And, this being Russia: “Now we work on your assholes…to get ready for the clients.” An electric butt plug will accomplish that.

One girl needs an enema; the pimp fills a large syringe the size of a caulking gun from a beaker of liquid (four times, to a drum roll), then attaches a 12″ thin flexible tube to it and slowly inserts it in a closeup. the girl has to hold it awhile before she is allowed to scamper to a shabby little toilet, so typical of a NETTLES production.

In a new scene, the girls are brought to the male pimp and the call girl thing is explained to them. The blonde is the first to object. “Take her to the bench for a good lesson.” She is tied down real-time by the female pimp, who really knows her knots. Little white shorts down. “40 lashes.” A very hard birching, immediate marks. The guy makes sure her face is to the camera. The subtitles report 70 strokes–you never know. Her bottom is wrecked, very LUPUS, and not what you would do if she were your income-producing working girl, unless you had a big farm system.

The redhead is next, in her orange undies. When she objects to the three-year apprenticeship, she gets the bench and the same horrific whipping. The male actually gives the female pimp a rest halfway through.

These whippings are more advanced than usually seen at NETTLES, although certainly not unique. The third girl, a brunette, is certainly intimidated by the two battered bottoms on display. Her objections are discarded, she is tied down, and her little blue sun suit pants pulled down. (The girls must have brought extra luggage along on the river boat.) She screams more.

And the fourth girl, the biggest bottom. Another donnybrook.

In a new setting, the girls are working; we are in a bar room. The girls are not producing, and on occasion handing out free favors. One girl is made to strip and begin cleaning the floor naked, her bruised bottom quite evident. She is made to stand on a tiny 2′ tall barrel, very uncomfortable, like a statue.

The redhead, fucking for free, is strung up naked for a 24 hour period, stiff and stretched. the blonde is strung up also (she snickers at the dialogue); and the fourth girl is given a cropping on her nipples.

And the last “lesson,” the bastinado for all four girls on the bench. Despite the extensive punishments described above, this appears to be the worst for them. More masturbation, and kneeling painfully at the wall.

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