Russian Slaves #34 -Swindler’s Punishment/Bad Habit – NETTLES

23 Jun

M/2f; time: 19 minutes

A surprisingly energetic performance from NETTLES, a larger cast, varied settings, and an attempt at a story. For this plot and some others we have recently reviewed, we suspect the St. Petersburg crew has been watching CALSTAR.

Two shopgirls, ‘Lidia’ and ‘Ketty,’ change into their working smocks. Separately, we see a husband, ‘Illarion,’ (we are at the mercy of subtitle spelling) arrive at the market where the girls work and complete his grocery list. He hasn’t got enough money to cover everything this time; his very organized wife is baffled, discovers that he has been double-charged, calls the store, and at this point one of the cashier’s bottoms should be starting to tingle.

Brunette ‘Ketty’ figured out how to double-ring items and pocket the overage. She ignores pal Lidia’s warnings. Owner ‘Alex’ has had complaints. He catches her on camera, and he and lead saleswoman ‘Mrs. Angella’ confront her. He checks her past and threatens the police. Angella suggests they whip her–it worked on other girls. Ketty consents.

Angella takes Ketty into another storeroom. Ketty eyes a long package she carries. “What are you going to do to me?” Lidia’s boyfriend ‘Jack,’ hovering around the shop, has gotten wind of the whipping and will sneak around and peek (a lot of characters in this film).

There is a whipping bench in the room; the package contains fresh switches. Pants and pantyhose down. Angella slashes very hard and high with the switches, criss-cross welts. Big cuts and follow-through. It seems almost impossible. And you knew it, boss Alex is video-taping this.

Peeping Tom Jack is moving from window to window, right out on the sidewalk amongst passing customers. At least, at LUPUS, when a curious prurient Jack peeks, he does it in the bushes. Gotta chuckle at these Russians.

F/2f; time: 21 minutes
The second part of video #34 contains another fully articulated story, big payroll, several sets, “Bad Habit.” What is going on with these guys?

Stylish-looking girls come from several directions to what looks like a dance class. Seven girls change into exercise costumes, no nudity, this is not punishment. They limber up.

An official-looking instructress leads them through exercises, as if they are preparing for performance. After the workout, the instructress heads for the shower (we’re surprised NETTLES passes on the opportunity for a nude scene). Two girls take advantage of her inaccessibility to grab a smoke, but they are caught.

Smoking is OK for these girls, but not here. It violates fire regulations. She doesn’t want to kick the girls out of the club. “What should I do with you?…the good old-fashioned Russian method!” ‘Lena’ is positioned over a spanking bench. there seems to be one of these pieces of furniture in every room in Russia. TThe other girls hold her down. Bottom bared, the instructress uses the same nasty slashing technique of switching we have described elsewhere.

The second girl is whipped in the same way; she has the delightful trait of raising her hips after each stroke before settling down. Not as long a session for her.

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