Sentenced to Corporal Punishment – MOOD

23 Jun

F/4f; time: 56 minutes

A long and formulaic MOOD production, where we always have the assurance there will be multiple, lengthy and severe punishments.

The film opens in a police van–two manacled and quarrelsome girls are being transported to jail. They are put in a holding cell now containing 6 female prisoners. The two new girls are searched, bent over a table, and felt up, then their pants are pulled down, and with a jerk, we are to imagine the internal inspection has occurred.

At this prison, minor offenses are dealt with in a summary fashion with corporal punishment. Before dawn, the girls in the cell are awakened and ‘Estella Mendez’ is called out. “Your sentence is going to be executed now.” Very intimidating. The girls don’t know when their time is coming. She must strip naked in the cell, in front of the other girls. She is handcuffed and taken away naked, her clothes left behind in a pile. MOOD may be our favorite in presenting these pre-punishment rituals.

Estella is strung up to ceiling chains; her knees and ankles are fastened to a staple-shaped bar rising from the floor, like a bicycle rack. Her thighs are spread. A masked female guard will do the whipping, another female guard will count the strokes. The whipping works south, from the upper back to her buttocks. Ms. Mendez has a hard, athletic body.

They come for blonde ‘Carmen Ortiz’ next; she is stripped and marched to the punishment chamber in the same way. She marks up a little more vividly during her whipping.

FADE to a new scene: two of the incarcerated girls are in conference with a female attorney from their embassy. They hear some bad news. It will take several months to adjudicate their case, and the lady actually recommends they accept corporal punishment and get it over with.

One of the girls asks if they can bribe their way out of this. The attorney explains that there is an expensive ‘Private Institute of Sentence Execution,’ where the whippings are, although very painful, more expertly done and cleaner. The girls opt for that. Warden ‘Maximilian Lomp’ tries to dissuade them from this decision–he surely wants a crack at their bottoms himself.

Another van ride to the Institute. The girls are received–a dour looking matron in a medical dress explains the procedure.

The next scene opens with the first whipping in progress. The naked girl lies on a plank, maybe eight inches wide. Her wrists and ankles are spread and fastened to crossbars at each end of the board, the frame in the shape of the capital letter ‘I.’ A pad elevates her hips and a towel is under her face. Nasty, uncomfortable, vulnerable, exposed, immobile.

MOOD has advanced the art of restraining devices well past some of the earlier carpenter-shop inventions of the trailblazing CP producers. MOOD uses plastic, aluminum, plexiglass, and PVC to come up with the most demonic contraptions you can imagine, worthy of some of the wildest BDSM producers. We chuckle at what might have been discussed in design conferences.

This horizontal frame, 2 feet off the floor, presents challenges for the camera. Overhead shots are needed to view the back and bottom; floor-level facials are easy and spectacular, as are the views between the victim’s legs.

The second girl is whipped in the same way. She screams up a storm. Her boobs hang nicely below the center bar.

The film concludes with a long 10-minute medical treatment of these two girls’ backs and bottoms. We should not forget the remaining two girls in the cell. There will be another dawn.

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