Russian Slaves #35 – Punished For Infidelity – NETTLES

24 Jun

time: 39 minutes

A father and five daughters, in the usual odd costuming. He has heard that his blond daughter ‘Lybasha’ has been involved in something at a local club and has gossiped about seeing a friend fucking someone in the woods. Father is an intolerant guy, to put it mildly. He jumps her for spreading gossip around the village.

He takes Lybasha OTK in front of their house, pulls up her light summer dress and begins spanking. She has forgotten panties today. Another girl, a sister enjoying Lybasha’s misfortune, holds her down. She is delightful to watch.

The mother joins the scene; Lybasha lies on the ready bench, the mother takes the father’s belt, and the whipping continues. About 60 strokes.

The mother and her daughters confront the mother of the girl seen in the woods. The girl is ruining the reputation of the village. They are going to whip her in front of the village. ‘Christina’ is summoned, and after the suitable amount of yelling (not translated), she is stripped, put on the bench and given the switch.

Later, the group of girls are going to have revenge on Christina themselves. In a field, they jump her, rip off her clothes, and all of them attack her from every angle with switches.

The father arranges for another girl to be whipped–things have gotten confused, we can’t tell who is who. This girl is also stripped and whipped on the bench, earning extras for swearing. It is suggested here that the father is going to whip ALL his daughters, maybe in a sequel.

The remainder of this film contains 5 very short ‘interviews,’ filmed on the porch of the house where the above action took place. Five charming girls introduce themselves, quickly strip naked, parade for a few seconds, then take simple spankings for a few seconds from a NETTLES staffer.

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