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Russian Slaves #27-School Punishment 2/Roughman Interview – NETTLES

19 Jun

M/3f; M/f; time: 43 minutes

In ‘School Punishments,’ NETTLES again flirts with one of the most delicious of all the schoolgirl scenarios. Three girls, in blouses and kilts, fidget outside an instructor’s office, knowing they are going to be called in and punished.

Teacher ‘Ivan Ivanovich’ calls in little blond ‘Bodrova’ first. She has to knock first, another part of the fantasy. She has been disrupting classes and it is not the first time. Birches soak in brine in the background. She knows she is going to get it–it just a matter of with what and how long.

“Take off your underwear.” Ivan arranges two chairs into the Winchester configuration. “Twenty five strokes of the belt.” Bodrova climbs up, skirt flipped up to expose a bare bottom. Frequent ‘pig’ and ‘bitch’ references in the subtitles. We’d like to think these were the dea of the subtitlers themselves. She gets part way through the belt-count, then lies flat on a table for a birch to finish the count. Blue-eyed facials; zoom on welts and wheals.

‘Popalova’ and ‘Pandrakova’ are brought in from the hall to see poor Bedrova’s circumstance. Both brunettes are doe-eyed beauties, whose silk blouses look busy holding in their charms. Lena Popalova is next. “Take off your panties.” He makes her wash and soap them in the sink. Then he wipes her mouth, hard, with them. We thought he was attempting to gag her, but the scene is chopped and we move on.

Popalova will take 10 strokes on each palm from a strap, despite a bare bottom needing attention. As we have frequently noted, many of these spanking models don’t much care for the palm slap. We can imagine they have toughened up their bottoms over time. Tears. Ivan makes her kneel on the classroom floor and hold textbooks at arms’ length.

Pantrakova, we hope, has appeared elsewhere for NETTLES. Tallest, long pigtails, dancer’s legs, and plenty going on under her blouse, she too gets only palm slaps. She shakes her wrists in pain and blows on her palms, having trouble remaining in position. Her bottom is spared. She joins Popalova kneeling erect on the hard floor, holding textbooks. The girls are allowed to shift their grips in choppy editing.

The film concludes with a short 8-minute interview of ‘Nastasha’ for admittance into NETTLES’ Roughman Club. A bare-bottom strapping on a bench is the admission fee. We will check out a few of these films, but our concentration will be on the story-oriented ‘Russian Slaves’ and ‘Discipline in Russia.’

The Room – CALSTAR

18 Jun

F/2f; year:2007; time: 56 minutes

A silly effort from BJ Frazier, featuring ‘Miss Gemini.’ She narrates the film; she runs an agency where she accepts “boys and girls” who want some punishment. They go to “The Room,’ where all her stuff is, for some “special play.”

‘Krissy’ is on the phone. She needs to come to The Room. The scene is the orange-colored set with it odd wall furnishings, seen in numerous Frazier films. Gemini will work Krissy over in various ways, paddle, strap, cane, crop; various positions American-style.

Day Two here features a visit from ‘Gia Paloma.’ More repetitive and uneventful punishment.

Russian Slaves #14 – Whipping in the Bath House/Reform School Caning – NETTLES

18 Jun

2M/4f; time: 39 minutes

There are several films made with ‘Sergey’ or other male actors behaving badly at a bath house, which is probably as good a place as any if a man has to behave badly. Here, two sleazy guys challenge four girls who work there. Each girl will be put through some paces in this 16 minute section of film #14.

The first girl, a short-haired redhead, is ordered to undress, and it takes some time for her to untangle from her complicated underwear. The guys threaten her–she had better have a shaved pussy or they will pull the hairs out themselves. Gross stuff from NETTLES. In fact, she has some fuzz, so they force her onto her back, spread her legs, and begin with tweezers. Screams.

The second girl, a brunette, strips. Nobody is going to argue with these thugs. And the other two take off their clothes, hiding their faces in embarrassment. But we already saw them. Why? They work in a “bath house.”

Two naked girls kneel on all fours on the floor to form tables, part of this silly humiliation. They get whipped if anything spills. They probably will be whipped anyway. One girl is taken through the club (a real club), put up on a massage table, and lashed with a belt.

And the fourth girl is led into the pool area, where she arranges herself on a platform for a screaming caning. 24 strokes. She changes directions partway through, either to improve the camera angle or to alternate the buttock receiving the brunt. Confusing angles, contorted story.

The second section, entitled ‘Reform School Caning,’ is more comprehensible. ‘Tatianna’ has caught a brunette smoking. “In the director’s office, tomorrow.” The set is the usual barren studio with the photographic backdrop. No health clubs here.

With the school director, for some reason Tatianna is going to be punished first and doesn’t seem to object. She pulls down her own panties and kneels on a chair for a spanking and some OTK.

The scene switches to the brunette-smoker, being bent and caned over a table. Wild marks and wheals; she jumps up a few times and has to coaxed back into position, creating some dizzying editing. 15 strokes counted, a switch breaks. At least, from the model’s reaction, this looked like an effective whipping.

Russian Slaves #24 – School Punishment – NETTLES

18 Jun

F/3f; time: 25 minutes

Another classroom schoolgirl story, very British except for the intensity of the spankings. Three girls in a classroom with a female teacher; the girls wear blouses and plaid kilts. Brunette ‘Tatiana’ is called to the chalkboard, and she can’t answer a rather complicated question from her teacher. “Tanya Kovaleva,” another student, tosses her a “crib” note, which the teacher intercepts. Two for spanking.

The girls are sent to the headmaster, but not before Tatiana throws out the “bitch’ word. “He will warm up your dirty asses.” In the hall in front of the Head’s office, he makes them wait 20 minutes -the appropriate anxiety builder. Fidgeting, facials.

Tatiana enters first. He reads the note from the teacher, ‘Maria Ianova,’ and for some reason he sends the girls back to her with a note as to what the punishment should be–25 birch strokes each. Tatiana will be taken first–she lies full length along a classroom table. Maria pulls down her panties. A bucket of soaking birches is in the background. Marie pulls down her panties and does the whipping. An unusually clever camera angle for NETTLES, a facial shot of Tatiana shows her swelling bottom in the background, and the fall of the birch. The camera keeps her face primary==lots of tears and running mascara.


16 Jun

F/2fm; time: 24 minutes

Amelia Jane Rutherford, Caroline Grey, and Will Savage play sisters and brother, under the supervision of house mistress Pandora Blake. They are arranging a dinner party, and the three of them attempt to send invitations to men and women completely unsatisfactory to their father.

Pandora intercepts and stops the operation, and of course there needs to be some punishment, so all three will be spanked. It was their party, why couldn’t they invite who they want? They will be caned. “You wouldn’t dare.”

Amelia goes first, not resisting much. She is wearing her Edwardian threads from another film. She bends over a table, raises her skirts and opens her bloomers. Pandora lays on 12 strokes of the cane, so mild they hardly make a sound. Caroline is caned next–and again, her bloomers seem to open wider. She is bruised a little from another occasion. Another silly caning.

Will Savage is caned next, and goes to some length to keep his jewels from being seen. The girls, bottoms bare in background, watch his bare butt with some fascination but don’t show any emotion.


16 Jun

MF/6f; Time: 48 minutes

Another bizarre spanking spectacular from MOOD, the storyline may be a bit challenged, with actor ‘Maximillian Lomp’ playing a doctor-character more of a punishment specialist than a medical man. The MOOD bottoms are first-class, as always.

Familiar female actresses have gathered. They wear exaggerated prison stripes. “So girls, let’s see who has the biggest nipples.” Six girls take off their tops–no one wears a bra in this concentration camp. The female guard goes from girl to girl, tweaking boobs and making comparative remarks. Something for everyone in this scene, an oblique of six gorgeous topless girls.

The girls drop the bottoms of their pajama-like suits. All are now naked–they try to cover themselves. The guard now does a vagina check. This female guard seems to have arranged to remove one of the girls from this recent prisoner “shipment” for her own use. The girls will now be taken to “Joseph.”

Fade to the barracks. Dr. Mengele selects one of the prisoners as a “capo,’ and then selects a blonde for a whipping, to show the girls how punishment is done. The blonde is stripped naked then strung loosely by wrists and ankles to two bunk beds. Mengele lays 40 strokes of a whip on her back only. She is an attractive figure, struggling naked full screen. The prisoner/capo is ordered to give the blonde 10 more strokes, but when she refuses, she is taken away to be whipped herself.

Cut to a new scene–Mengele and one of the female guards are making eyes at each other when two prisoners are brought in–caught stealing food. “Have them whipped.” In the punishment room, both girls receive the conventional fierce MOOD whippings on a frame, 40 strokes each. We are led to understand they are then taken to the gas chamber, but we would have recommended they be dropped off at the Officers’ quarters.

In a final whipping, as if we haven’t seen enough, another naked prisoner gets 50 strokes for being caught having sex in the office.

Russian Slaves #26 – Cruel Father/School Punishments – NETTLES

16 Jun

F/3f; time: 50 minutes

We detect a lot of British influence on NETTLES productions–that was likely an important customer. A school Director waits in his office, limbering up his arms, birches soak in a bucket behind him. It must be that time of the week.

A female ‘counselor, ‘Miss Chadkaya,’ reports; she has 8 students which need to be whipped, and seeks his “execution” (authorization). They decide three of the worst offenders will be punished today, and because he has an appointment, she will do the deeds. The camera lingers on the young counselor’s face–she looks sultry enough herself. In fact, the Director remarks he has not been happy with HER, but he will deal with that on another day.

Three girls report to Chadkaya; instead of the customary cliché kilts and blouses, this time the girls wear high-necked, lace-trimmed, three-quarter length dresses, certainly harder to remove but more formal. For short-brunette ‘Aleksandrova,’ she will get 36 strokes for this her first offense, but for brunettes ‘Belskaya’ and ‘Tokereva,’ recidivists, it will be 48 strokes.

Aleksandrova first–the whipping bench and birches are visible. She is held down by the other girls; 36 strokes on her bare bottom. Chadkaya uses an unusual slashing follow-through, swiping the birch off the bottom, across the flanks, to the floor. Ouch. This is going to produce more novel stripes on the flanks. There is likely a good reason you won’t see any other disciplinarians use this style.

Tokereva is next–she pulls her dress up and panties down; she surges her bottom up after each stroke, very erotic. Chadkaya changes switches, and there we see the anticipated flank stripes. She also changes sides, distributing equal attention to the near and far buttock.

Belskaya last–she is in tears before it starts. Many of her strokes are seen from the facial angle only, and her marks seem enhanced; did she chicken out a bit? Understandable.

An unrelated segment follows, ‘Cruel Father,’ more plot and format similarity to the British library. While we enjoy these schoolgirl and parlor room spankings, we are always awed by the Russians’ own bizarre investigation of their own fetish fantasies. Actor ‘Gerry,’ a/k/a ‘Sergey,’ awaits daughters ‘Luda’ and ‘Tanya,’ who have missed their curfew.

He confronts the girls when they arrive; they will both be punished now. Blond, blue-eyed ‘Tanya’ first. She drops her pants and he pins her standing between his legs, giving him an eyeful of her femininity as he scolds. He smacks her bottom; Luda snickers at the dialogue.

Tanya must strip, which she does quickly, with a glance at the director. OTK naked, conventional spanking.

Luda next, same humiliation between Sergey’s legs. “Take off your pants, bitch.” She is tied down on a bench (condensed), a pillow under her hips. He uses a belt, 57 strokes! In the background, we catch a glimpse of a female sitting at a desk with notes in front of her. Is this the ‘mother’ or crew? Belt ridges and telltale shaped bruises. Blond Tanya keeps looking at the crew.

Both girls kneel naked and erect at the wall, up on the bench, but they are allowed to lean.

Russian Slaves #23 -Punishment of Unfaithful Lesbians – NETTLES

15 Jun

F/2f; time: 42 minutes

NETTLES certainly was not embarrassed about their film titles. Blond ‘Olga’ and blue-eyed brunette ‘Tanya’ are on a couch, going at it full-time, pretty much naked. A third girl enters and breaks up the action. We are guessing that the third girl and Tanya are lovers, and now Tanya must be punished for this transgression.

Olga is naked, and shaved bald. Throughout the film, she will glance at the camera crew and director, often as if to say “are you enjoying me naked here?” She helps the lady move the heavy spanking bench into the middle of the room, then stands to the side, hands-on-head, facing us, bare and pink.

Tanya is tied down on the bench, in real-time here. Her upper torso is loosely enough fastened that her breasts will bob about as she is whipped. Her lover begins with a switch. There will be 35 strokes. “You must bear the pain, bitch.” Red face, tears, mild marks develop, she cries and actually begins slobbering. She can’t wipe her face. On of the better crying faces we have seen. He bottom is swollen with wheals, stripes, and a few skin pops. During the caning, someone thought her hair was getting in the way of her tear-streaked face, so it was pinned up, and then that clip disappears when strokes are repeated from different angles.

Tanya is released and blond Olga takes her place. She wears more glamorous eye liner than you usually see. She is wonderful to contemplate. She will not be whipped. She is tied face-up on the bench and given the conventional session with clothes pins, which she seems to enjoy. Tanya’s whipped bottom remains in the background in the shot.

Russian Slaves #22 – Sorority Hazing in Russia – NETTLES

12 Jun

F/3f; time:50 minutes

The film opens with a loop of exterior shots of an ivy-covered school campus, British or New England architecture. Overdub narration in broken English explains the problem of sorority hazing in Russian girls’ schools. The female narrator is explicit about her own naked humiliation and need to conform.

The story begins; three students, in white blouses and plaid kilts, report to an older girl, presumably a Sister. They will return tomorrow for the paddling initiation, lest there be any doubt about that.

The next evening the girls report to the Sister, recite oaths, reaffirm they are willing to be punished. It will be 15 strokes of a paddle. The first girl, a shiny blonde, bends over a table. The Sister throws up her skirt and pulls down conventional white panties. The other two girls will hold her hands. The paddle is huge, almost a cricket bat, with holes drilled through. The paddling seems moderate, but marks appear immediately. The blonde struggles but manages to keep her courage and gets through it. She is made to kneel on a couch, hands on head, skirt tucked up, on display.

The second blonde is paddled in the same manner. This spanking seems a bit more severe; the marks come quickly. The sound recorder on the facial camera produced louder squeals throughout the film.

A brunette with two ponytails is last, none to happy about all this, what with two roasted bottoms on the couch. She takes the same fierce paddling; her wrists are tied because the other two girls are occupied, on display. She cries convincing tears and may well have earned extra because she couldn’t hold position.

The second phase of the girls’ initiation is some bastinado. They take turns lying on their stomachs, shoes and socks off, feet up, for the Sister to use a belt on their soles. Mild stuff, but the girls squeal. No one is toughened up for this.

Czech Brutal #1- Night of Beating – RIGIDEAST

12 Jun

MF/f; time: 38 minutes

Possibly the first film made by RIGIDEAST, nasty and edgy, and a harbinger for all the mayhem RGE would cause in the CP film industry. This film was distributed by RAVEN HILL STUDIOS back in this day.

A woman is on the phone; her daughter has been caught smoking at school. ‘Annette’ comes home, a little blond actress who took some impressive beatings in early RGE films. When she won’t confess where she is getting the cigarettes, her mother takes her OTK and pulls her flower-print panties down. Just a mild start to this film.

Dissolve; the mother calls in a man friend, who jumps to the task. He is handed a wooden kitchen spoon which will do very well, thank you. He takes Annette OTK, takes her panties down, and begins cracking very hard, the precursor for just how severe spankings will be depicted by this producer. Annette takes her top off and kneels on a chair for more – 28 in all. She is quite docile. The mother examines Annette’s bruises and maybe suggests to her man friend that he lighten up a bit.

Annette is sent upstairs naked, and the man soon follows, quite eagerly. Alone, mother takes a swig of whiskey from a flask–for fortification, because she knows what is going to happen up there.

Annette lies naked and sobbing on the bed and is quite upset when the man enters. He proceeds to cane her in a variety of positions. Soon she has wild marks all over her bottom and thighs, to complement the extensive round bruises from the spoon.

But this is not all; he arranges her bent over the foot of her bed and unbuttons his pants; she knows what is coming, and mother will probably hear it.