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Russian Slaves #76 – Jealousy – NETTLES

31 Jul

M/2f; time: 52 minutes

A series begins using what reminds us of an empty hotel ballroom–wood floors, decorative white walls with wainscoting and dentil molding, high ceilings, and producing the anticipated reverberating acoustics.

In one of the silliest NETTLES films so far, and there are some to choose from at NETTLES, actress Nadezda Dozorova plays an intentionally floozy wife ‘Masha,’ her wealthy husband ‘Nikita.’ This cavernous room serves as their house here. Masha has had an overly-flattering bust made of herself, emphasizing her boobs, which Nikita knows only too well the cost to produce (both the bust and the bust).

She knows he sees prostitutes regularly and she has hired a private detective ‘Artur’ to get the facts. When Artur shows up for the briefing, Masha seduces him. NETTLES doesn’t show these things. She wants the girlfriends captured and beaten. Now this is what NETTLES DOES show.

Dissolve to Nikita at play in the same room with two girls, ‘Lada’ and ‘Iren.’ (We go with the subtitle spelling.) The girls do their naked lesbian stuff while he masturbates. Artur bursts in with a video camera.

Dissolve. Mash tells Nikita the evidence she has.

Another dissolve. The two girls are brought to Masha, tied together with rope. “I found them on the street.” They are taken to the cellar. “Punishment begins tomorrow.”

The girls are brought back and made to strip. It should be noted none of the actors changed outfits from scene to scene. The first whipping begins, 43 minutes into the film, with a big razor strop. The girls are left kneeling erect, and Masha and Artur go off to bed again. Nothing like whipping a few girls to get the blood going.


31 Jul

2F/2f; time: 33 minutes

A bit of a trumped up story in order for MOOD to rip off some of their ferocious whippings. A wealthy, baronial, and reclusive lesbian sends a faux-agent out to hire girls, actually “buy” them. They are brought to the gated mansion voluntarily as employees, then incarcerated. The Mistress tells them: they have been “purchased” and are now slaves; they will enjoy their compensation and seek to stay if they win their scheduled fights, which are gladiatorial, but without the arena or here, any men.

‘Judith’ (actress ‘Claire Shine’) has been brought to the house and doesn’t like the sound of this arrangement. She is placed in a straw-floor cell for the night with other girls, in just her undies. Despite the crude circumstances, the MOOD girls’ clothes and hair are perfect and their eye-liner intact. That’s the way MOOD does it.

FADE to another scene. The Mistress (actress ‘Lady Jenny’) and staff have caught another slave trying to escape–she had the gate code. To find out who gave her the gate code, they have strung her up naked, for two days now, with no water. When they torture her with water, she confesses, “the gardener.” Mistress: “Shoot the gardener.”

Another scene, Mistress is being tended by a half-naked tattooed slave girl who seems to offend her, then volunteers for a caning to regain good grace. She strips naked, then bends over yet another MOOD creation, a loosely strung heavy rope between two posts. Her wrists and ankles are fastened for the briefest caning of the three in the film.

Another slave is whipped; she begs that she hasn’t committed any offense, which Mistress acknowledges. They are just going to have some fun, and the girl is the toy. 25 or so wild and inaccurate strokes from the Mistress and another slave.

And the climax, Judith is awakened on the straw floor. The Mistress can’t sleep and would like to try her out in bed. “It’s a great honor,” she is told. But she baulks in bed as her undies are coming off. Not recommended.

She is fastened to the same frame and given 100 strokes with a cane. Nasty vivid stuff from MOOD, more than we need. It is obviously impossible. We had our fill one-third of the way.

Debra’s Cruel Girlfriend – NUWEST NWV

31 Jul

F/f; year: 1999; time: 25 minutes

Another charmer from NU-WEST, filmed in a two-story townhouse or maybe the residence of the NU-WEST ranch.

We were surprised to read that maybe this ‘Debra,’ who may be operating the NU-WEST business these days, reads our site. We will be extra-diligent and try not to be self-conscious about fuzzy details.

Debra, svelte and solid, comes home and finds a message from her female girlfriend on the old-fashioned landline telephone answering machine. She is to be waiting, in the proper dress, in the proper place (and with the proper attitude).

The girlfriend arrives, one of the ‘Karen’s’ at NUWEST we think, another tall item not long out of Las Vegas. She can’t get in the locked door, and Debra has been distracted on the phone. Debra has put on a schoolgirl’s pinafore and knee socks. This being NW, you know what this delay will mean. Karen is let in, and she decides a few smacks on Debra’s bottom, right there in the entryway, will set the tone.

They go to the kitchen, do some cuddling, and begin to get on with their lesbian assignation into the living room. Debra is taken OTK, skirt up, for the introductory spanking, loud and colorful. More cuddling, then more OTK, this time the full white panties down. That muscular bottom and powerful thighs!

Karen steps away and Debra is distracted by another call, which succeeds in angering Karen again. She is herded upstairs. Nothing like a like temper when spanking is on the schedule.

Dissolve. Debra is naked on the bed, wrists and ankles tied to the frame, a pillow under her hips. Ready, and quite a buffet to contemplate. Karen whips her with a belt. Another dissolve–Debra is now on her back, knees pulled back and spread. Karen kneels in front of her, going to work with a strap-on dildo. Not great detail here, is it poor camera angle or intentional avoidance of the graphic sex?

They kiss and Karen leaves; Debra sees her off naked from the top of the stairs, posing like a garden Aphrodite.

Tracie’s Caning Over The Box – NUWEST MM-199

31 Jul

F/f; year: 2007; time: 10 minutes

Model ‘Jodi Cline’ leads ‘Tracie’ onto the set, the standard stage, with an Oriental rug and the well-used tilted, padded spanking box. Tracie has a convincing worried look on her face. Jodi steps to the side, removes her dress, and is now naked but for stockings and heels. There is a sheen of oil on her impressive body.

“I’m going to strip you naked and put you over the box.” Jodi peels off Tracie’s clothes– Tracie maintains her look of apprehension–cuffs her and straps her over the box. Tracie is a more mature figure with a full figure, not a schoolgirl; the box does nice things for her bottom.

Jodi crouches down in front of Tracie’s face to show her the cane. She begins mild snapping strokes as she circles and scolds. The film is as much about a naked prancing Jodi as it is the caning. Tracie is forced to choke out “I’ve been a very bad girl and I deserve to be punished” over and over, the kind of dialogue that suggests Ed Lee might be on the camera.

Nothing unusual here; the length and date suggest this video may have been archived. the production quality is excellent, and we note that whatever gym Jodi works out at, praise to her.

Russian Slaves #65 – Persecution of Russian Church – NETTLES

30 Jul

M/f; time: 25 minutes

We’ve learned to be suspicious of the syntax of both the film titles and subtitles. Are films #64 and #65 about persecution “of” or “by” the church? We think the fun here is ‘government’ attacking the church.

Sister ‘Alina’ is marched in to face the KGB ‘Colonel’ (actor Gerry Geroshvili). She is ordered to strip naked, which she does in a hurry, to expose a voluptuous body and long flowing red hair, all completely disguised by the severe nun’s habit. “10 strokes if you confess,’ the Colonel says. He suspects her of being a member of the “English Secret Service.” Improbable, but it should be fun to try to beat it out of this wholesome peasant body.

Alina kneels quite naked up on a chair. The ‘strokes’ are intended for the soles of her feet–bastinado. She wiggles sufficiently to prevent forceful direct hits.

The Colonel announces: “We switch to phase 2,” which is the cane, this time on the bottom of course. Hands behind her neck. Alina is caned standing–the marks develop too quickly. One thing about the pose, though, it thrusts out her boobs, already quite a sight to see. The Colonel can’t resist helping himself to handfuls of these melons–we were waiting.

The Colonel keeps caning and demanding a confession; he steps away on occasion to annotate a report on his desk, while naked Alina writhes. More nipple tweaking.

The Colonel calls the KGB lieutenant, the ubiquitous ‘Nadezda Dozorova,’ for her to see what a job he has done on Alina’s bottom.

Then he returns to his desk and sentences her to be shot. Please don’t do that, Colonel. There are so many ways she could be put to use.

Russian Slaves #57 – Punishment of Secretaries – NETTLES

30 Jul

F/2f; time: 41 minutes

A surprisingly well-made film for this series, featuring a new male actor for us, the ever-present Nadezda Dozorova, and two young bottoms from the NETTLES cast. Lighting, blocking, facials, rear shots, obliques, all done well, nothing impedes the view.

‘Ivan,’ the boss, discovers that someone has accessed pornography on his office computer. He calls in an associate, ‘Galina’ (Nadezda), who is equally appalled. She remembers two girls near his computer. They call in ‘Natasha’ from personnel administration. They’re all sure the culprits are ‘Nina’ and ‘Lena.’ Things are moving quickly.

The girls are summoned, two typically cut little packages, rounded in the appropriate places, you see in these films. They are questioned, Natasha slaps them around a bit (she knows she could get entangled here), and they are threatened with dismissal or “rigid punishment.” Natasha is designated the disciplinarian and she recommends “40 strokes.” Galina fetches a load of spanking implements; the girls fall on their knees pleading.

Later, it is time. Natasha is quite excited as she practices swooshes with a cane. She calls in Lena first, a tall, pretty, innocent-looking brunette. Natasha teases her with a cane tip and then orders her to strip–skirt, top, bra, boy-shorts off. Natasha is delighted with her little trim naked body, as are we. Except for the tramp stamp.

Lena lies over the arm of a couch in the boss’s office and takes 40 strokes of the cane; marks ripen immediately, we thought. She has a small and tight bottom which provides a full view of her pussy between her thighs. Full-screen bottom. The stripes and welts are convincing. At the conclusion she stands at the wall, bottom out, arms high.

Nina is called in next, a familiar honey-blonde from other films. As she strips naked, she seems to giggle, probably at the dialogue. We just see the condensed subtitle. Natasha doesn’t like her pussy rings. She gets a fast caning, marks ripen immediately. She kicks her bare feet up. Tears. From one shot to the next, someone pins back her hair. Natasha lays one stroke on her lower back just above her buttocks, which also ripens immediately. Nina must have cried out, because Natasha strokes the spot.

Both girls stand naked at the wall. Galina and Ivan return for Natasha to show them her handiwork. the girls are told to turn and face the couple, to show their guilty faces and for Ivan, and to show other things. Natasha just beams with pride over their whipped bottoms.

Two Faces of Truth – LUPUS/RIGIDEAST

30 Jul

MF/2f; time: 21 minutes

A confusing story here, not helped by LUPUS’ description on their now defunct website. From rereading it, we’re not sure LUPUS knew what the film was about either.

Two families, two young daughters available for spanking in the storyline. One father seems to have lost his money in a card game. The two households are linked in the story by paths worn in the snow through woods.

The father who has lost his money is going to punish his daughter, who begs for mercy. What she has done and why are lost on us. She drops her bloomers and his spanked over his standing knee then made to kneel on dried peas.

Back across the snow trail, the other couple whip their daughter

We gave up trying to decipher the story. Suffice it to say, the two households link by snow trails through the woods both have delightful comely blond daughters, who will be spanked and caned on the perfect clear little bottoms.


30 Jul

MF/4f; time: 1.5 HOURS;

Mistress Dee has taken four girls (four RSN regulars- Jill, Brandi, Jessica, and Tess) on a field trip to the Colorado Rockies. They are ‘trusties’ from the RealSpanking Institute, but they must know they are never far from the paddle. The story will find an opportunity to spank them over and over, for just about anything, just about anywhere. The film is celebration of five glorious young bodies, lots of unashamed nudity, and bottoms everywhere.

Before they are even unpacked at the chalet they are staying at, they are in trouble for leaving the car a mess. “We haven’t even been here two minutes.” The girls scramble to commandeer attractive rooms, but Dee marches them downstairs, to an attractive windowed sitting room with mountain views. Dee decides some spanking now will set the tone.

Tall dark Brandi is the first to drop her pants and panties; brunette Tess next. Dee reads the house rules. The two spanked girls must kneel erect on a stone hearth. Jessica and Jill move their stuff to an assigned room then take slow individual showers–the nude scene. Lots of bare bottom as the girls move about. The scene in the shower itself is impeded by reflection off the glass stall.

After an evening meal the girls go to bed. In the morning, Dee is appalled by the condition of the kitchen, so she will use the RSN version of morning coffee–the paddle. Jill is spanked with a kitchen spoon and we can study her bruises as she cleans up without pants. She has to kneel erect on a faux upended log while the other girls tidy.

Cut to an exterior. The girls hike in the cold weather. They have done something, so Dee cuts switches from the brush. Jessica gets whipped.

Back inside, it is Jill’s turn for the paddle, then another paddling. The girls kneel bare-bottom at the hearth, probably as painful as the spanking.

The film continues with a series of adolescent transgressions, which at RSN always result in a bend-over. Girls are caught smoking; Michael Masterson is on the scene and he does the whipping with his belt. Round paddle bruises. Lots of unembarrassed frontals.

Cute kitchen time, the girls in the simplist of nighties and such.

The five girls sneak out at night and are caught. They all must strip naked, there is a marvelous up-the-stairs sequence, five bottoms. All are spanked.

When it is time to leave and return to Denver, there will be one more spanking, five bottoms in a row for the official RSN fraternity paddle.

Russian Slaves #60 -Beryia – NETTLES

30 Jul

F/f; time: 31 minutes

Part of a short NETTLES sequence about a character called ‘Mr. Beria,’ who in the 1930’s was a corrupt KGB official who liked to have attractive prostitutes picked up off the streets so he could abuse them for his own pleasure and provide them to high-ranking governmental officials. Only in Russia can such official misconduct form the basis for pornographic entertainment. And only the Russian filmmakers misspell the name Beria from film to film.

Nadezda Dozorova plays a KGB Major; she has netted two girls she knows from experience will fill the bill. Little brunette ‘Alena’ is brought in first to the ‘General’ (Beria). When she is ordered to undress, she has to be roughed up to get the message. Black top off, black shorts, little white panties off. Very nice, the General likes what he sees. His Major has a good eye.

Beria wants her for himself. “Take her to my bedroom.” She refuses and resists, so female KGB captain ‘Zvereva’ is summoned. “Give her forty strokes.”

Dissolve to a sitting room, where the naked Alena waits, her hair pinned back for the whipping. “Comrade, we are ready,” says Zvereva. The girl is splayed over the huge arm of a soft easy chair and the caning begins. Immediate marks. Zvereva scolds: “You have to devote your life to the Party.” She wants an apology and a confession. “Something wrong with your puss?” she asks, as to why Alena would not have sex with the General. The young female captain canes with obvious gusto.

The Major joins to keep up the verbal torment and partake in the enjoyment of the punishment from close range, 2 feet away at Alena’s face. Alena is reduced to pleading and begging, at 30 strokes or so (subtitle counts don’t compute). “Will you fuck a general?” “yes…yes.”

Beria joins. Alena is subdued, sobbing, and quivering, and ready. He goes for the cognac.

Three Bad Little Girls – NUWEST NWV-101

29 Jul

M/3f; time: 32 minutes

Very old film, grainy quality, poor sound, the faux-paneled sitting room set. And early enough in NW development that none of the actors except Ed Lee himself is recognizable to us as future NW cast members.

A woman, the ‘madame’ of a whorehouse, is disciplining three of her girls for various things. The girls sit in row for their scoldings. Brunette ‘Tina’ is the ringleader. Blond ‘Bridget,’ an actress who took some very erotic spankings in later ‘institutional’ films, can’t help but smile. And a third, brunette ‘Marina.’

The madame starts with the crop on the third girl Marina when the phone rings. It is a client, the voice of Ed Lee, and since NU-WEST did not have the technology, they put his phone voice over and inter-comm. He hears the madame’s difficulties and seizes on the opportunity to have these three girls presented to him schoolgirl-style. The madame will convert this naughty-girl session into a profit center.

Dissolve. We see Ed Lee from the rear as the three girls will face him one at a time. The first is striking blonde Bridget. She is dressed as a schoolgirl, must pose for him, raise her skirt, vend over, etc. He then takes her OTK; Lee lowers her full white panties and spanks with a ruler.

He still has something left, because blonde Tina is paraded next for the same routine; and the same for thin brunette Marina.