School For Wayward Girls-The Sequel – NUWEST NWV-058

1 Jul

F/3fm; year: 1984; time: 26 minutes

Clunky old NUWEST; early graphics, and poor production values from their cheap equipment, about the worst, but as usual, very naughty, inventive, and erotic fantasy ideas. Like to think girls’ reform schools did this.

Three ‘wayward girls,’ in blue pinafore uniforms, are scrubbing the floor of the sparsely furnished studio set, and are being scolded by a matron. The sound is sufficiently poor we didn’t care what the offense was, only the punishment, and we can see there will be three of them. They are sentenced to be spanked with a ruler at 6 PM.

FADE: The girls lie naked in a row on their single beds. The matron moves from girl to girl, cracking with moderate intensity with a large ruler. The girls jump and howl, excessively melodramatic. The camera angle, slightly overhead from the foot of the beds, works nicely to highlight their assets. MOOD and RIGIDEAST of course perfected this serial spanking scene; here is the seedling.

FADE. The girls are dressed again and plot to sneak out at midnight to meet a boy. The matron and another female staffer catch the girls AND the boy. Matron: “Since you are all up anyway, shall we all go down to the basement?” She proposes something we didn’t see much of in 1984, the girls are going to cane the boy.

FADE. In the ‘basement,’ a male is naked, cuffed to a wall, his legs straddling and his ankles attached to a sawhorse, resulting in an arched back and a prominent butt. The matron demonstrates a few very hard cane strokes, then it is the first girl’s turn. (This may be the youngest Joanne Jameson.) Her meaningless little taps are scorned by the matron. In other films, the girl would lose her own pants then and there.

The second girl canes harder, but most notably, much faster; there is no respite for the guy, whose jewels flash, briefly swinging. Facials of the third girl suggest she is going to be different. “I’ll enjoy this; he got me an extra 12 months.” She canes as hard as it needs to be done, and the grunts confirm it. Nobody checks to see if he likes it.

FADE. Yet a third punishment scene. The girls are naked again, being strapped over a bench. The pubic styles reflect the era. Colorful strapping, an erotic bent-over pose, the girls cry and moan.

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