Severe Punishment – The Paddle and Cane – NUWEST NWV-363

1 Jul

F/f; year: 2002; time: 30 minutes

Producer Ed Lee narrates an opening; the girls in this film, he says, are “in the scene,” otherwise they would not be asked to tolerate such punishments. There are two parts to this film.

Two familiar NW actresses participate in one of the fiercest paddlings you will see. A blonde is bent over the back of a straight chair, fully dressed. A brunette begins whaling away with the Spencer paddle.

Shortly the brunette unfastens and lowers the blonde’s slacks. “It looks like you might be bleeding already.” Hard high swings of the paddle compound things, so if that is blood, some of it is on the paddle now also. The blonde domme has a little smile on her face. Pantyhose down, this is a sore bottom. Resounding smacks, loud cries.

The second punishment features Ed Lee in his garage workroom. Another familiar blonde, maybe Jodie Cline, is a volunteer, albeit a naughty one. She stands in the center of the room and is asked to reach up and hang onto what amounts to a subway strap.

First Lee drops her skirt and has her step out of it. He rolls down a superfluous thong, and unsnaps garter belt straps from stockings and tucks them out of the way. “I want your bottom all bare.”

Lee begins with the cane, and the very first stroke elicits a cry. Soon there are tears. We knew NW had one of the most meager of budgets, but they rarely made production mistakes. Here, another cameraman creeps on the fringe of the frame.

As Lee canes, the blonde is shaking and crying. Lee circles, sips his whiskey, and scolds, as usual. At the conclusion of this intense 20 minute segment, they hug. The poor girl has wild cane marks criss-crossing.

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