Ancient Regime 2 – MOOD

2 Jul

M/f; time: 20 minutes

An older girl, a frosted blonde typical of the thin, model-like actresses at MOOD, rides in a car, remembering when she had been arrested, tortured and whipped by the authorities. She is being taken back to the place where it happened and to meet the man who did it.

We flash back to the original event, in a wrecked set of rooms, dungeon or basement-like. She has been arrested for something, and this is perfect space for interrogation.

Two guards bring her before the authority figure, ‘Maximilian Lomp.’ She is ordered to strip, which she does slowly and seductively, to display a spectacular runway body. The purpose with which she eased off her bra and panties suggests she was hoping divert Lomp.

Stark naked, she stands in the frisk position against the wall, while they question her, giving us time to take in her muscular body and bottom. The best part of the film.

She is then tied over a table and caned.

We return to the present. The girl tours the space, which has been remodeled. She meets and identifies Lomp, who does not remember her–after all one bottom was pretty much like another to him.

To complete the film, the actress was interviewed, supposedly before and after the caning. She seems a little whacked out. She claimed she had been spanked before but did not like the caning and would not do it again.

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