Baby Doll Bottoms – SHADOWLANE

2 Jul

F/f; time: 30 minutes

Harmless stuff from SHADOWLANE. From their ‘Our Sorority’ series, three girls in baby doll pajamas discuss the sorority initiation process. ‘Sarah Blake,’ the older ‘sister’ explains: “You have to be prepared to take a lot of spanking, all on the bare bottom…then all over again with toys inserted.” The two pledges are fine with this.

Sarah demonstrates, spanking both girls OTK. No damage done.

After a FADE, the second phase, and a bit more diverting. Sarah lubes and inserts a butt plug in ‘Lily,’ and fortunately it takes a little doing. Then she is spanked with a Spencer paddle. Negligee off. In a turnabout, Lily jumps Sarah, gets her naked, and after some spanking, inserts a huge silver metal dildo in her vagina. Arguably, it is either too big or they didn’t work at it long enough. Then another butt plug with a raccoon tail.

FADE. The girls investigated and were able to join another sorority without any sort of initiation. This was all a ruse from Sarah. They jump Sarah, give her a full workout of spanking, dildo, some lesbian play.

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