Russian Slaves #39 -Cruel Plumber – NETTLES

2 Jul

M/f; time: 31 minutes

NETTLES tries another well-worked British CP film plot–a handyman pays a house call. The lady of  the house can’t pay the bill, so he takes it out of her hide. MOONGLOW entertained us with a few of these, as did CALSTAR, the TV-repairman in ‘Really, Mrs. Walker’ and the plumber in ‘Punishment by the Plumber.” These older guys came prepared to spank, and if they consummated this extra  work, they couldn’t have had too many calls in a day.

‘Anna,’ a very cunning brunette, is the comely homeowner. ‘Sergey,’ the actor ‘Gerry Geroshvilli,’ is the plumber called to fix a heat pump for her indoor pool. The scene is the knotty pine household found in this era of NETTLES, probably some fetishist’s country retreat. Anna wears tight, perfectly fitted pink slacks. Sergey does not fail to note her seductive bend-overs. Unlike the more gentil British films, Sergey is gruff and angry when Anna gets too close to his work. We assume she knows she won’t be able to pay the bill and makes a practice of trading favors and is trying to heat Sergey up.


He gets the pump going and writes her bill. “I don’t have that much.” Sergey doesn’t waste any time. He wants her to undress (so do we). “I am a married woman.” He begins to struggle rather mildly with her, gets her top up, and bra down. He pins her down on the bed, gets the bra off, her slacks down, and lastly a little white thong. In a sex scene for once, this is the closest we have seen this actor come (there are quite impressive hardcore performances elsewhere). He sucks her nipples, spreads her legs, and rolls her over to bite her buttocks, which look pretty tasty.

Sergey finds duct tape in her nightstand and comments her husband must keep it handy for her. He tapes her wrists together and continues to ply her cheeks. He takes her into the adjoining knotty pine room, somehow the tape disappears, and spanking begins. She likes it.

She climbs naked onto her pool table and poses and positions for him. ‘Anna’ is one of the most attractive models we have seen at NETTLES. While she crawls on all fours, Sergey uses a little whip. Tears, wonderful facials.

After more manhandling, and closeups of her welted bottom, he takes her into the pool room and throws her into her empty pool, a scene which had to be spliced to permit this dangerous maneuver. Why jeopardize this elegant body? She runs around naked in the small, deep pool, which is filmed from above.

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