Russian Slaves #41 – Sports School #1 – NETTLES

6 Jul

M/5f; time: 52 minutes

Subject to our  constant revision, this film is currently our favorite in the NETTLES catalogue, not the best of all to be sure, but it combines many of our preferences.

Four essentially spectacular schoolgirls and a perfect prefect report to the mirrored exercise room, the scene of several very entertaining dalliances with girls just like these. The girls have come to meet with the “coach,’ who will be of course ‘Sergey Ivanovich,’ the actor ‘Gerry Geroshvili,’ spelled here. The girls are sullen and frightened, because they know this isn’t going to be pleasant. Surmising from the subtitles, one girl new to this process may be concerned because it might be discovered she isn’t wearing panties. The experienced prefect: “You don’t have to wear panties. Sergey Ivanovich will remove them anyway.”

The girls have lost a team event; they tussle among themselves, not happy about group punishment for someone’s failures. Sergey interrupts the melee; he gives the girls five minutes to change into exercise gear. This provides the standard nude scene for this group as they strip off their catalogue bought schoolgirl clothes–each girl delightful to see. The filming is better here, slower, better staged, good use of the mirrors, the camera moving from girl to girl, missing no big moments, and pulling back to catch it all.

The girls line up in their little black tops and shorts. Sergey will start with ‘Lena’ and ‘Tanya,’ two stunning brunettes worthy of REALSPANKINGS or GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL. They beg helplessly. He has them step forward out of line and strip naked. The camera pans them from head to toe, and they demonstrate that nervous little trait of not being able to decide what to cover with their hands.

The exercises begin–two naked girls, three still in little outfits. Marching, jogging, nice jiggling; duck walk. Two more girls strip, only the prefect retains her outfit now, but in a moment she strips also. Star jumps, squats, the rocker. Never enough nude PT.

The spanking bench is positioned. Lena reluctantly lies down to be whipped first. Tanya is handed a jump rope. Lena is tied down. The other girls are handed ropes and the four of them alternate whipping Lena, but intentionally so harmless that Sergey can take over. Lena is in tears immediately; the rope marks look enhanced. Tanya, observing, looks about to panic. A doubled skip rope must be one of the feared implements.

Sergey drags Lena off by her hair and Tanya takes her place. She is certainly one of the prettiest models you will see. Wonderful whipping, nice overheads, her beautiful face attracts the camera. After her whipping, the girls untie Tanya and the camera pans the five of them, utilizing the wall mirrors. Five bottoms, two striped, very LUPUS. Lots of frontal.

There are references to “next time” from Sergey.

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