Russian Slaves #49 – Punishment in Sports School – NETTLES

6 Jul

M/4f; time: 44 minutes

Another film in the mirrored dance studio. Actor ‘Jerry Geroshvilli’ as ‘Sergey’ (probably the ‘coach’) has four girls in workout clothes before him. He complains they are gaining too much weight, especially one, a redhead.

Two other familiar characters enter the scene, a man and a woman, NETTLES regulars. Collectively they discuss what should be done with the girls, while the four girls stand in a line awaiting their fate. Redhead ‘Ira’ is called out first and ordered to strip naked. Now, she may be a little chunky, but she is very Russian.

Ira hangs her head, embarrassed to be naked. but helpless in front of the three administrators. They will start her off with some exercises, squats first, done facing the camera then with her back to us, so we get both views. Very nice. Then some jump rope, which Ira is very good at. Sergey torments her, tweaking nipples.

The three ‘adults’ discuss some “western” punishment techniques, especially a “special paddle.” Sergey happens to have one, a maple Spencer paddle, about fraternity size, with about a dozen drilled holes. The girls are told they are going to be punished, no surprise to anyone.

Ira goes first; one of the staff found “hamburger wrappers” in her locker. In a scene cut, she is kneeling in the Winchester Position over two chairs, her pants down. Sergey begins with the paddle, characteristically hard, and soon Ira is quivering and calling “Mommy.”

After a fierce paddling, Ira is allowed to stand and face the mirror wall, hands on head. Little brunette ‘Natasha’ is next; she has to completely remove her little black gym outfit. She has an untouched thatch of black pubic hair. She doesn’t need instruction and positions herself over the chairs immediately. The paddle cracks and her face darkens immediately. Tears.

This film seems to end abruptly; if we find a continuation, we will amend this review.

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