Russian Slaves #43 – In The Hands of a Sadist – NETTLES

9 Jul

M/2f; time: 25 minutes

Another call to an escort service, this time by actor ‘Sergey,’ thus the accurate title of the film. We guess that these escort services don’t have caller-ID, or the girls need the business. ‘Natasha’ and ‘Dasha’ (not to be confused with ‘Dancer’ and ‘Prancer’) arrive at Sergey’s door.

After short preliminaries, Sergey demands they begin undressing and take poses. When the girls object: “Do you want to smell the belt?” Gotta love the subtitle writers.

Blond Natasha is the first to drop her pants. Dasha is soon naked also and kneels on a couch for Sergey to grope between her buttocks, which he does very well. Both girls are naked; he pinches their nipples and suck them. They squeal.

Natasha kneels on the very same gyno chair we saw in Russian Slaves #42. This time it will be used. She gets a mild bastinado in this posture (she has clean soles for once). She turns and puts her feet in the stirrups for some brief examination, but that is not what these films are about.

Dasha is tied to the spanking bench, condensed time, a harder bastinado, the rope adjustment for the birch. Wild marks all over her bottom and thighs. Harder and harder strokes–Sergey does his patented snarl.

Another thirty minutes of the film are taken up with the interview. stripping, and spanking of 5 girls. Sergey is on the scene, in the same room as above, and he wears the same outfit.

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